We’d love to hear about Christmas traditions in your household, or when you were small…

Anybody got anything he or she’d like to share?

Do you put a tree up?  Real?  Fake?

Do you have a favorite Christmas meal?

Tell us what’s up for Christmas!


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7 Responses to Christmas……….

  1. bocopro says:

    From the bedlam raging around the faux tree . . . the ramblings of an old dude in a collage of Christmas images


    On the Day of the Longest Night of 2000

    Thirty-something women
    Cameras poised, at the ready
    Each convinced
    That hers is the most
    Child ever produced in the history of the planet

    Swarm of boys
    15 months
    To 15 years
    Shredding packages
    Disdainful of the ribbons
    And bows
    And colors
    And patterns
    And skill
    The women devoted to the wrappings

    Dogs scurrying
    Chewing on toes and bows
    And a cat serenely, nonverbally,
    But curiously condemning it all

    Toys tossed
    Clothes strewn
    In favor of the next surprise
    “That’s mine!”
    “No! It’s mine!!”
    And mothers refereeing
    And fathers perched at the edges of chairs,
    Patience and anticipation locked in mortal combat

    The granddame regally surveys the burgeoning piles
    Of toys
    Of trash
    Of pets
    Of grandchildren
    And glows . . . inside and out.
    No better word comes to mind.

    Hams, and turkey, and yams, and eggs, and potatoes
    Quietly cook in the uncommon quiet of the kitchen
    While dressing and bread and peas and corn
    Wait their turn in the dark safety of the pantry

    And the old man opens his packets of shirts
    And books
    And golf balls
    And waits
    For the din to subside
    Then he gathers the paper
    And boxes
    And ribbons
    And bows
    For tomorrow’s curbside pickup

    And that’s all as it should be,
    I suppose.

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  2. Growing up, we had a Christmas tree. The real kind — the shedding needles.

    But the focus of the celebration was the manger scene, put together piece by piece with the pieces from Peter Pan Five and Dime store. These pieces are still intact and here in my curio cabinet all year round. Antiques from the 1950s.

    The other focus started when I could play the piano well enough: Christmas carol singalongs, one just after the Thanksgiving dinner and the other on Christmas Eve, when the extended family on my mother’s side gathered for a feast and the opening of presents.

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  3. -FJ says:

    Bubble lights and happy hours spent listening to Christmas records whilst stringing popcorn for hanging on the tree…

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  4. bunkerville says:

    The old bubble lights that I was given the job of keeping them upright.. By the way, they are back.. and rain.. made of tin foil..

    No tree for me for decades… my cats put their foot down.. or I should say up the tree.


  5. geeez2014 says:

    BOCOPRO…that’s slightly more frenetic a Christmas than we had, and we always had about 25 at Mom and Dad’s, but it was pretty crazy! Maybe 5 girls, no boys makes a difference in craziness? Definitely familiar with many of your points!

    BUNKERVILLE…never had bubble lights but loved tinsel……When we moved to Paris, we spent 1 Christmas there (I didn’t want to fly yet, it was 2001, so we didn’t come home to LA), we put up a tree in our HIGH ceilinged living room big enough for a good sized office building’s lobby and I asked Mr. Z if he thought he could find real tinsel…we hadn’t used tinsel at MOm and Dad’s for years but I knew it would make me feel more grounded in Christmas if we had some that year…HE FOUND IT and still it wasn’t QUITE “My Christmas” UNTIL i noticed a piece had fallen and one of us stepped on it, grinding it flat against the Oriental rug….Then I had to laugh…”That looks VERY familiar!”…and it was Christmas!!

    FJ…that sounds warm and wonderful! Thanks!

    AOW…Love that, thanks! Ya, I am always the pianist, too, and our family, too, is a big bunch of singers! Dad and Uncle John sang “Up on a Rooftop” since they were kids and, every year, we all sat around Mom’s living room (25 of us or so) and they’d get up and sing….we’d all chime in with a forgotten word or two, and we had a great time.

    The Twelve Days of Christmas is kind of our family ‘song’ and Dad would stand and lead, giving twelve of us a DAY and then trying to remember who had what as he pointed to the person who had “Four Calling Birds…” Lots of laughs again. Great times!!

    Mom still puts out the nativity scene she and 8 yr old me went to buy one day….I’m glad you have yours, too!


  6. Baysider says:

    It’s Christmas already? Gads. I remember the baking. Sometimes my auntie would come earlier and bake together with mom and put it all in freezer. I longed for singing carols but with 4-6 of us that never happened. I started to relearn piano just before mom died so I could do that myself, but my employer closing, starting up a business and then mom dying – piano and a few other things dropped.

    Live trees until we kids moved away. The best was the winter it SNOWED just as our school Christmas program was getting out. Big, quiet flakes falling through 40 foot tall palms on the school lawn. My brother came hone snd took me tree shopping to a live farm— with snow on the ground. This is the most magical Christmas ever. Never mind the black pall that hung in the air as citrus ranchers were allowed to smudge the groves – anything – to save the orange crop. It was 80 three days later of course. I do feel for kids today having this magical innocent tine if life stolen from them.


  7. geeez2014 says:

    BAYSIDER…palm trees and snow….LOVE IT! Talk about unusual!
    So glad you had that magical Christmas with your brother!!!!
    And the baking….wonderful!!!


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