Me and him…Her and me……that’s the NEW ENGLISH.

Proper grammar is a White Supremacist institution forced on everyone……..We need to ignore proper grammar and embrace all ways of speaking.

Well, I’ve read articles recently about ONE PERSON who is identified as “they” enough now to have stopped looking to see what other person I’m reading about, only to find that, ya, it’s one person, but you can’t say HE…I guess this crap is all part of THAT?

What a bunch of dunces we are.   You can bet the French and Germans aren’t ignoring grammar for their languages they consider beautiful and, by the way, those who actually founded America WERE white, the language came from England……….so…. were our founding fathers supposed to go to Africa or  Thailand for language consultation instead?   It’s a BAD thing to speak English and demand our children get literate?


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12 Responses to Me and him…Her and me……that’s the NEW ENGLISH.

  1. bocopro says:

    Language Drift

    Here’s what happens when spoken language is translated or phoneticized into written language. When users aren’t quite sure of a spelling or a mechanical or grammatical rule, the tendency is to say “that’s close enough.”

    After a while, a language which is standard throughout the entire world begins to experience localized or regional modifications. Ultimately, Latin becomes Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, and so on.

    The same thing can happen to English. It is only by convention that we all have agreed upon commas, question marks, apostrophes, and other devices as road signs. But the rules are not universal laws of nature, merely standards established by certain groups.

    For example, Spanish has slightly different rules for punctuating exclamatory or interrogative sentences than does English. When people fail to learn or simply ignore standardized rules, the result can be a cryptic, mystifying, unintelligible, frustrating, and even dangerously misleading collection of arcane symbols.

    Note that virtually all the rules of syntax and mechanics have been suspended here:

    hay dood
    hire yew
    ammo git sum all
    wut fer a far
    no ya idjit furma foad
    hay jeet chet
    naw jew
    kinah heavy dew me sumpin
    ax on ole sun
    no dat choaknpyook wit d big sebmup sine
    overair onna kona bah d tar stow
    assa wun
    run overair n git me a sammich n a ornj
    shore zat it
    snuff to tarred deat mornat
    whyncha go long
    gotta wacheez kritturz
    oaz ow tair
    all m
    hmmm yeah zatcher dawg air mungem
    ass no dog assa pig
    L I B
    m all is
    beun ugly dawg
    L bakina fyoo


  2. Silverfiddle says:

    I’m still shaking my head that a scintilla of the population is forcing major publication to no longer refer to a person as he or she, but “them” and “they.”

    Language destruction (or deconstruction) is an analog to pulling down statues, destroying culture and tearing down societal conventions. It’s all of a piece.

    It is easy to destroy, and so much fun.


  3. peter3nj says:

    Today’s chuckle:
    Back in 2007 at Kean College in NJ while Officiating a girls high school varsity basketball college showcase game in which colleges scout for future talent a coach yells “subs in” following a stoppage of play. After the third time the negroid coach of one team yelled “sub in” causing either my partner or I seeing no substitutes ready to enter the court I walked over to the negroid coach and advised him I was giving him a warning and the next time he caused a delay of game his team would be penalized with a team technical. He responded, ver batem, “I’m saying sumpin sumpin not subs in.” I advised him to stop it. You can’t make this stuff up. Later I learned sumpin was some new hood thang y’all. Bye bye racist white english.


  4. Ah, damn.

    I am honored and proud to be a teacher of grammar.

    PS: John McWhorter is a grammarian/linguist. Is he a white supremacist?

    A must-read by John McWhorter, PhD: Losing the Race: Self-Sabotage in Black America (2000). It was recommended to me by one of my black clients and well worth the read!


  5. peter3nj says:

    If I remember correctly, and I am sure, we used Warriners English textbook in high school back in the 60’s. It may have reached relic status in today’s teaching circles though I wouldn’t know. I’m sure I still have it packed away somewhere and will now be in a mission to locate it.


  6. MAL says:

    As you pointed out, Z, it’s not going on in other countries. Its all part of the attack on our (once) great country. They haven’t been able to destroy American with wars, so they attack from within. The majority of us are gullible and easily corralled into believing false info as facts. It’s worked for over half a century so no need change. They never think about why so many risk their lives, many even dying, trying to get here and become an American.
    A great strategy in trying to destroy a nation.


  7. geeez2014 says:

    Oh, BOCOPRO…come ON! You type your wonderful comments in your own kinda grammar 🙂
    But seriously….. I can’t tell you how many people I know, SMART people, say “my dog and ME went to the park for a walk”…
    Slightly less smart people I know say “Her and me….” etc.
    it’s awful.

    But AM I just a stick in the mud or, as you suggest, could we end up with “…a cryptic, mystifying, unintelligible, frustrating”

    I like to watch the one-hour long 24/7 murder mysteries called ID (Investigative Discovery) and I just CRINGE when I see even people my age speak SO SO SO BADLY! But that’s ONE THING…I get that…
    ANOTHER THING is teaching kids that it doesn’t MATTER…


  8. geeez2014 says:

    I think I’ve mentioned here how I read an article about ONE MAN and then they write ‘they’ throughout the article and I’m left looking for who else they’re talking about…but they aren’t ! He IS “THEY!”…..You can’t even get a sense of the truth in a story because of this idiocy!!

    By the way….I read your blog yesterday, so sorry I tried to comment again and Disqus hates me SO much (Smile!) …I commented this on my blog in comments to you:

    “Hell is other people”….I can’t stop thinking about that.

    I still can’t.

    PETER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought for a sec you were joking like Bocopro does in some of his pieces….THAT”S REAL????? By the way, “NEGROID” Do people use that term?
    Find that book!!

    AOW: That made me laugh out loud! Yes! YOU are a WHITE SUPREMACIST because not only do you SPEAK excellent English, you TEACH IT, you horrible monster supremacist, you?!! 🙂

    MAL! I was ALMOST ‘happy’ to hear they’ve arrested 50 “FAR RIGHT ANTI SEMITIC EXTREMISTS” in Germany…who wanted to overthrow their insanely Left gov’t!! First, I doubt they’re anti-semitic and have written to my stepson to find out more…Second, our media’s REALLY played this up….FAR RIGHT EXTREMISTS..NASTY AWFUL PEOPLE!
    And now this is happening in Brazil, too.

    MILLIONS went to the streets protesting the election of the past president/jailbird and they’re clamping down on them………….
    And OUR PRes Biden has invited the new president (stilla jailbird) to the WH in January…honoring this jailbird nasty piece of leftwing work, …not caring a crap what ‘millions’ of Brazilians l ike.


  9. bunkerville says:

    Beware the dangling participle. Does anyone diagram a sentence anymore? I love reading books written a century of more ago. The King’s English…


  10. Baysider says:

    Yup. I have heard interviews with a brilliant neurosurgeon who refers to his partner as “him and me.” Eeeereek!!

    Regularization of the language is all about standardization and communication. They standardized mattress size eons ago. Railroad rails. And language even longer. I had a colleague who credited her escape from her ghetto upbringing as resting on learning proper English. He 4th grade teacher hammered this point home, and she took it took heart. Or I should say mind. Her younger sister did not have the same teacher. You could tell.


  11. geeez2014 says:

    BUNKERVILLE…No, I’m sure nobody diagrams…I didn’t much like it back then myself!

    BAYSIDER “You could tell”..yes….and who’d make a better career for herself? I’ll bet I can TELL 🙂


  12. JG says:

    Both me and my wife were born in the late 50s. I am from Southern California a LA metro city that was equally split into White, Mexican-American, and Asian-American. It was lower middle class but no racism and we were mixed in class and friends.

    I never noticed any difference in speaking until I graduated HS and was shown the door by my folks in the mid 70s, went to work for the phone company to pay for college. I started to work on multiracial crews in East LA (Mexican Slums) and then South Central LA (Black Slums). The crews were fine for speaking. The slums were not. East LA had Mexicans speaking Spanish or English with heavy Spanish, but I speak Spanish so it was not a problem. Being White was not a problem. The gangs did not bother us.

    The Black Slums was a different world. There was open warfare and the speech was bad. There was daily attacks, drive-bys, and often killings. Black on Black crime is high. Black crime to anyone is high. There were areas the police did not go and we would only go during times they were asleep. I was a “cracker” or a “cousin” always. Everyone in my crew was attacked and my boss, who was Black, was shot.


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