Does Trump care?

Will TRUMP cause us to even lose DeSantis as a possible excellent Republican candidate through things he’s saying?

Or do you think Trump could actually win in 2024?   Is what he’s been saying recently about DeSantis going to make Trump look like a considerate, good candidate for President again?  Recently, Trump said “I’ll HANDLE DeSantis!”  Will DeSantis show a part of himself in his responses that will turn voters off HIM, too?

Then what?

Does Trump CARE that a Republican wins and tries to save America?  Or only HIM.

The only negative thing I can say today about DeSantis was it wasn’t true that Florida did so well during COVID….that was obvious from the statistics…..and, of course, Trump mentions that in my link.



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23 Responses to Does Trump care?

  1. Mustang says:

    It is a mistake to think of Trump as a Republican, although that is probably “truer” than to argue that Trump is a conservative. Mr. Trump is his number one favorite person in the world — and that’s what he’s all about. He’ll be happy to destroy DeSantis if that’s what it takes to win the GOP primary. Let’s hope that Gov. DeSantis proceeds carefully and wisely so as not to fall into the Trump Tar Pit.

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  2. JG says:

    With the election system so screwed up I am not sure anyone will be elected. I think it will be another selection like 2020 and we will go into CW2. I would pick Trump over DeSantis so that DeSantis could follow and clean up, but I really doubt it will matter.

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  3. markone1blog says:

    While the polls show Trump with a large lead over DeSantis, I don’t believe the polls (especially not at this far out). However, I don’t give a rip who is running against the Democrat for 2024. I am voting “anyone but the Democrat.”

    With all the things that could happen between now and 2024, it could be just about anyone. Nobody was predicting a Trump win in 2016.

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  4. Anonymous says:

    I don’t believe trump can win the election and it depends on how many are entered in the primary if he can win the nomination. As Mustang said trump is not a conservative but none of the elected elite are. If it means taking down the republican party in his quest for immortality trump is more than willing to do that. He cares about himself only and feeding his massive ego is all that is important.


  5. Silverfiddle says:

    Trump is for Trump. If he loses the primary, he will go third party with Kooky Kari Lake as his running mate and shave off enough GOP voters to reelect Grandpa Biden and his dimbulb VP.

    Trump did us a great service, kinda like ripping up the kitchen floor of an old house and exposing the termites, vermin and rot lying beneath, but his time has passed. Even Moses, for all his faithful service, did not make it to the promised land.

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  6. bocopro says:

    At this juncture, D.J.T. is Pre-Freakin-CISEly what the United States of America needs to remain viable as a nation. Someone to turn over the rest of the rocks and shine bright disinfecting sunlight on the slimy parasites underneath.

    But it won’t work . . . the liberals won’t LET it work. He’d never get any useful legislation through the irretrievably divided House and Senate, so he’d have to rule by EO, which is to say by end runs around Congress.

    Also, like the guy pretending to be in charge today, he has an irresistible internal imperative to fire unerringly at his own foot with barbed snarks from his alligator mouth.

    Installing Orangeman in the Oval Office would be like bringing Mike Tyson back to Madison Square Garden to fight the Invisible Man for the heavyweight crown.

    And another Trump/Biden political campaign would be like setting up a burro and a donkey to stand around calling each other jackasses

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  7. geeez2014 says:

    ALL YOU GUYS…great comments, thanks.

    MUSTANG: Way truer than being a Democrat, too. I don’t care WHAT anybody calls him; he did a lot of good and I wish he was in office now, as blustering and bad mouthing as he is. Funny, I know someone whose best friend worked VERY closely with Trump and Pence in the WH (and before) and went into the WH dreading Trump and came out thinking a lot of him……He says people who know him well know his public personae is far worse than the man he knows now……….How I wish he could control his hideous egotism.

    JG…”so that DeSantis could follow and clean up”…so you’d like Trump in for 2024 and then DeSantis!? Interesting!

    MARKONE: Yes, large lead, but who really knows, as you say…


    YESTERDAY, SURE ENOUGH….Biden was asked about his budget meetings with McCarthy coming up and the SWINE yells (twice) to the press:


    in other words…go ahead, CUT stuff….You’ll never get another vote.


  8. Silverfiddle says:

    Bocopro, Yes. If the ‘swamp’ is ever to be ‘drained’ it would have to be an inside job done by people who understand the byzantine structures and rats maze underground sewage systems.

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  9. geeez2014 says:

    SILVERFIDDLE…..I think you have a good point about Trump/Lake. WHAT a hideous thought because, of COURSE, they could never EVER win…….and then this country is OVER. He did a great service and could have continued if only he’d controlled his huge ego and mouth……..hadn’t been SO nasty…. SO sad.

    BOCOPRO….LOTS of good stuff there…I agree with you….”And another Trump/Biden political campaign would be like setting up a burro and a donkey to stand around calling each other jackasses”
    But, BOY, would Trump have more ammunition THIS time 🙂

    Still, we have some Californians who see what’s going on and STILL would vote for NewSCUM again, so there’s no understanding the freaky Left. People would still vote for BIDEN; especially against Trump. Astonishing.


  10. geeez2014 says:

    SILVERFIDDLE …you say “If the ‘swamp’ is ever to be ‘drained’ it would have to be an inside job done by people who understand the byzantine structures and rats maze underground sewage systems.”

    I’ve thought the very same thing………..DO YOU THINK PEOPLE STILL EXIST WHO’D EVEN TRY? I DO see new members in Congress who seem to get it, but do they have the understanding and the nerve?


  11. peter3nj says:

    To date seemingly the damage done by The Biden/Giggles team has not changed enough minds to make a difference (see the Newsome recall). Mind numbed robots incapable of sensing their own demise will pull that “D” lever or push that “ D” button not to mention the post midnight ballot dumps as insurance.
    Today’s elections reminds one of the 60’s TV show “The Outer Limits” intro which went like this, “Do not attempt to adjust your television set, we have complete control.”


  12. geeez2014 says:

    PETER….you’re so right….In a comment above, I mentioned the NewSCUM recall which went nowhere….amid all the awful stuff he’s DONE here?!!!!! Thanks…you’re so right. We ARE living the OUTER LIMITS.
    I’d say 80% of my friends, maybe more, are conservative Republicans……and still….outer limits, for sure.


  13. geeez2014 says:


    FOX panels are talking a lot about how Biden’s summer home at Rehoboth is being checked for classified docs today.

    NOBODY ANYWHERE has mentioned what I’m SURE I heard; and that is how the news had said how Biden was at Rehoboth during is last weekend and how unusual that is for him…

    I can put 2 and 2 together; can’t anybody ELSE?????


  14. Silverfiddle says:

    Z: The swamp will never be drained. Who is willing to blow up the money-making machine they are profiting from?


  15. geeez2014 says:

    SF: I simply will never believe that most newly elected, younger congress people are just in it for money. Call me Pollyanna, but I never have.
    I KNOW many have done VERY WELL somehow….how can Biden, for example, after 45 years of gov’t work afford many very nice homes, etc etc?


  16. Mustang says:

    Dear Pollyanna

    I think you’re right — and that bright eyed excitement lasts through freshman orientation when they’re told how to qualify for GOP money in the next election cycle. After that it’s corruption first and everything else second.


  17. geeez2014 says:

    DEAR MUSTANG !! I HOPE NOT!……….but…………………..

    BY the way, can candidates spend money donated for elections on themselves? Put it in THEIR bank accounts?

    And do you agree with the German way of backing candidates?: Everybody who passes all qualifications (I think it’s a percentage of people who back them has to be a certain number), gets ONE AMOUNT.


  18. Baysider says:

    SF +1.
    Z, I don’t think many exist in the swamp who would try to drain it now that they’ve seen EVERYTHING thrown at Trump, 4 now 6 years of non-stop prevarications.

    Don’t agree with giving all candidates the same amount. It’s not an even playing field, and newcomers have to get name recognition for one thing. Just citizens. Transparency. No front groups run out of China.

    Trump has been so damaged. That’s exactly what the continuing assaults are all about. Someone is very afraid to have him in the race. Not sure he can’t win. But she sure as heck should not be running down De Santis like that. Better to admit learning something, and speak well of some of his best decisions. The 11th commandment still rules. Reagan was not an attack dog. Trump is. We get what we can take.

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  19. MAL says:

    I had hoped early on that Trump might try to establish DeSantis as a future running mate in an attempt to ward off exactly what is happening now, but that also would’ve made it embarrassing to Pence. As has been pointed out, you never hit your own party members. That becomes your kiss of death. He should’ve taken the high road and didn’t.


  20. Baysider says:

    That would be too collaborative. (:


  21. geeez2014 says:

    BAYSIDER, so you think newcomers would be turned off because of what they’ve seen done to Trump? Probably right.
    But they SHOULD be smart enough to know it’s HOW YOU DELIVER IT…

    For example, I watched that jerk putz McCarthy leave the mtg with Biden today at the WH and said “Naaaa…not like that…” You say:

    “Mr. Biden and I spoke today; I’m trying to remind him of the debt we’ve gone into…He has such a good point about how Americans want all that he’s given them, but I’m reminding him it’s THEY who are paying for those things, and their grandchildren will be in very bad shape!; Let’s work out something that brings the debt down and shows our love for America in not strapping her down with the kind of debt he’s created..” etc.

    REASONABLE…Kind………….. Imagine if Trump had spoken like this? (I could do WAY better but I’m eager to go down for my cocktail and sliced/baked sweet potato hors doeurvres! 🙂

    TRUMP’S MOUTH GAVE US BIDEN AND PROBABLY COST US AMERICA…..He’d still be president had he been even slightly empathetic (as when he had COVID) “I can see how you’ve all been so sick….I’m so sorry..”, slightly humorous, slightly LESS HIDEOUSLY EGOMANIACAL!!! etc etc!!

    MAL: I love your TRUMP/DE SANTIS idea……….I think Pence would be FINE with that…

    And BAY is right…!! “HIGH ROAD”? “SHARE?” TRUMP??!!!


  22. bunkerville says:

    Florida didn’t do well??? People got exceptional treatment. The age of the population means that the majority are at the highest risk of dying. Monoclonal antibodies were available to everyone and saved thousands. I had a friend get Covid a couple of weeks ago and got monoclonal antibodies and was over it in three days.


  23. geeez2014 says:

    BUNKERVILLE… No, Florida didn’t do as well as we heard from Florida.
    Lots of articles like that….

    SO glad your friend did well!
    I have a friend who got it on the plane when they flew back to Phoenix from NYC because planes had become grounded…the first day when COVID forced all flights to stop ….she actually had just flown to NYC on the way to a European trip and they had to come home.
    THey both got COVID.
    He had it for about a week, mild….She got it BAD and a friend finally convinced her to call HIS doc, not hers…HIS doc got her hydroxachloroquine and BINGO, she honestly said she felt better in about 3 hours…..and she’d been having the worst day yet!!

    Monoclonals have good results and some say they’re questionable!!! And we KNOW what many say about Hydroxachloroquine…people stopped using it and it HELPS!

    Honestly, BUNK….we have NO IDEA what the truth is…but we’re blessed our friends did well on that stuff 🙂


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