“Close your mouth! You guys are against America” (I only slightly paraphrase)


We need more guys like Brian Mast.

This was 7 months ago……….let’s hope it continues……


**THANKS to BOCOPRO for finding it on YouTube so I could post it.

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5 Responses to “Close your mouth! You guys are against America” (I only slightly paraphrase)

  1. bocopro says:

    Congressional inquiries . . . the birthplace of ambiguity, doublespeak, forked tongues, histrionics, empty rhetoric, and malaphors such as “until the cows freeze over.” Diogenes would blow out his lantern and drink Socrates’ hemlock.

    Nothing but self-important, overpaid party hacks posing for cameras and reciting rehearsed sound bytes. Modern Quixotes armed with whiffle bats performing meaningless combat with shitweasels in the American version of Roman circuses.


  2. peter3n says:

    Simple thoughts from a simple guy:
    CCP’s eye in the sky in our restricted airspace…no biggie to Joe’s Pentagon brass; wait and see. The Chicoms can’t believe it.
    However much Xi funneled to Biden Family LLC they’re seemingly getting a fair return from access to secret documents to our restricted airspace. We sit by giving a nod and a wink to China’s tightening grip on South America as it moves from military outpost to almost colonization yet nothing about a move on Canada. Is that already in progress or does their many pronged attack of unleashing Covid on the world- and getting away with it-buying up our farmland and academia, their fentanyl partnership with the Mexican cartels, proliferation of their asbestos laden rooftop solar panels on our homes and businesses, Chinese restaurants on our every street corner from big cities to podunk America negate their need for a pincer movement. But then how long before the maple syrup on IHOP’s tables is imported from China? Today’s Uncle Sam slogan of Be Prepared is being replaced with Alfred E Newmans’s What Me Worry along with the ostrich with its head in the sand taking over for the Bald Eagle.


  3. geeez2014 says:

    PETER…good one…’What me Worry?” ya…..
    Interesting observations. Mine is one which has slightly concerned me and that is that I’d say 60% of mask wearers I still see in L.A. are Chinese………..Do they know something? Honestly, it’d take something tiny like Chinese maple syrup in the USA to finally cause ME to jump out my 2nd floor window here in sheer “I GIVE UP”.!!!

    BOCOPRO…..that’s why I liked this guy in this link…..he was GLEEFUL to NAIL the Lib jerk and was not going to give in. I don’t believe that’s an “overpaid party hack” but you’re right; There are PLENTY who ARE!! Are HAVE BEEN.

    What DOES come from these hearings? Because some fairly important stuff sometimes comes out of them, or at least you see the ‘bent’ of Lefties insisting the border’s still closed, for example, making them look even MORE moronic than we thought could happen……………….
    BUT THEN WHAT? The panel/committee members just go to lunch? Some paper is sent around with the transcript?

    What then?


  4. Baysider says:

    That was my question. WHAT indeed? Meanwhile, Rome is burning…
    ‘Hopefully’ picking apart weasels piece by piece keeps them on defense. Push ’em to the point they go out and hire Abbe Lowell (Hunter’s new lawyer).


  5. geeez2014 says:

    BAYSIDER…EXACTLY “Meanwhile, Rome is burning”

    And China’s laughing its butt of at it…….. 😦

    And yes, I hope the same thing; MAYBE the Left won’t be quite as comfortable lying their pants off!!


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