YOU add to this one! I think you can…….!!

If this wasn’t so true, it’d be even funnier..the cleverness and truth behind it really did make me laugh, however!:

<b>A comedian can’t tell a Knock Knock Joke anymore because people will say you must hate the homeless because they don’t have DOORS.</b>

SO, HUMOR is going……..thanks to Leftwing nuts who’d cancel a comedian for telling that and other quite funny jokes…. But here are other things which also bug me and I wanted to share and ask if you have things to add:

I HATE BIG BOX STORES;  are we stuck with them because they sell cheaper, with little guaranteed quality?

I LOVED walking to the library and that smell of books but everything’s on our cells!

I LIKED getting letters and thank you notes IN THE MAIL

I LIKED when the mail came in a timely manner!  I also liked not getting phone calls from AT&T telling me their bill came back undeliverable so “please update your new address” though I have not moved (except to live in Europe) in 40 years.

I WANT the return of small shops where those who worked there knew their inventory and could help in a friendly, helpful manner

I NEVER want to get an automated voice answering ANY call I make again.

I DO NOT want to look up ‘white blouses’ on my cell phone and suddenly get white blouse ads on my FaceBook page;   I WANT PRIVACY BACK

I could go ON and ON and ON………….Got anything you’d like to add?  Things you miss?  Things you want GONE?




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13 Responses to YOU add to this one! I think you can…….!!

  1. bocopro says:

    I’m 82, and I remember the 50s — the people were mostly rural, law-abiding, capitalistic, Christians who liked nice things and believed that the government was on their side, working for them, protecting them against both foreign and domestic threats, and generally trustworthy. Hollywood still made movies which promoted patriotism, which dealt with issues that affected and frightened average people, which almost universally demonstrated the triumph of good over evil.

    Civic events, ball games, parades, and celebrations normally began with a prayer which offended no one in the audience. People put their hands on Bibles and swore to tell the truth at trials and hearings. Children trusted policemen and firemen and teachers and priests and ministers and doctors. Only the coarsest people used words which today are commonplace on TV, and most homes either had no TV in those days or didn’t pay much attention to it except during the evening news and sometimes when major events from Washington or other world capitals were on. In fact, many areas could receive only two or three stations, and those went off the air between 11 o’clock at night and 1 o’clock in the morning until breakfast time.

    Kids played outside, and adults who didn’t even know them might correct them for naughty or mischievous behavior. A complete stranger would stop and look after a child who appeared lost or hurt, usually making sure the proper authority — doctor, policeman, or parent – could take care of the child before moving on. People rarely locked their cars at night, and most slept with bedroom windows open because air conditioning was considered an extravagance. If the weather was just too hot to tolerate, people got in their cars and drove with the fly window (a term I haven’t heard in 40 years or more) open. The only places I remember with central air in those days were the movie (which most of us called the “picture show” in those days) house, the more expensive restaurants, and the really classy shops.

    Teenagers discussed such vital issues as sock hops, school events, duck tails, sports, and members of the opposite sex. Sex wasn’t discussed in public or on radio or TV. Women became “in a family way” or “expecting.” I can’t remember ever once hearing about anyone hooked on smack or horse or meth or nose candy or even weed. The harshest substances most people developed addictions to were alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine. Occasionally a rumor might circulate that somebody or other had been using too many bennies or reds, but that was quite rare.

    We also talked about flathead Fords, and fender skirts, and spinner hubcaps, and steering knobs . . . things we just don’t hear discussed these days. Glass packs were a hot item, as were continental kits. Cars had emergency brakes instead of parking brakes, and some even had foot feeds; some of the older ones even had hand feeds. Cars had vibrators, and generators, and real bumpers which kept a 15 mph collision with ANYthing from costing more to repair than what the vehicle was worth.

    Under the hood, the engine was very straightforward and required only the most basic tools and devices for trouble diagnosis and repair. In fact, many people actually knew what all that stuff under there actually did, and could repair or replace it without having to draw a detailed diagram so they could remember where to put back all the wires and hoses. The engine air filter could be cleaned or replaced in about 60 seconds flat, whereas today, many owners need a manual to find the thing and figure out how to remove it. A triple E degree wasn’t necessary to look around under the dash and fix most problems.

    I wanna go back to around 1957, a pre-AIDS but still air-conditioned world where you could get only 3 channels on the TV and most were in black and white, BUT you had time to think, and you actually COULD find some peace and quiet if you wanted to. Popular music still wasn’t quite raucous and trying to resemble a group of vagabonds trying to imitate a thermonuclear detonation with electric guitars and overdriven amplifiers. Your innards didn’t keep time to the beat when you went into a night club, and your knick-knacks didn’t fall off the shelves when a pimped-out Nissan drove by with its windows open.

    I want to live in a small town where I can sleep with a window open and not worry about meth freaks breaking in or militant homosexuals living next door or Islamic terrorists or illegal aliens or uneducated performers spewing their limited world view omnidirectionally simply because publish-or-perish media whores keep thrusting microphones under their chins.

    I want to see children playing outside and teenagers whose gender I can determine by hair and clothing. I want to need only one fone line coming into my house, and I don’t want people able to find me if I don’t want them to, and I especially don’t want to be told that 50% of the US population is black, 25% is LGBT, gender is fluid, and my car’s extended warranty has expired.


  2. peter3nj says:

    You are exactly 10 years older than me and yet we grew up in basically the same world even with moving from semi-rural Michigan to semi-urban New Jersey in 1958. It was more or less a homogenized society back then with exceptions of course. As late as1971 I was delivering pizza pies to the Hoboken campus dorms at Stevens Tech for $1.50 each, a minimum of five pies. It is a different world today indeed. (Had to throw that in)😎


  3. Mustang says:

    Laughter is indeed good medicine, and the jokes people tell oddly indicate society’s values. I never heard an adult tell a “knock-knock” joke, but as we all know, times change.

    I find it interesting that you won’t find a “joke book” in places like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, or Bangladesh. If that claim is valid, it explains a lot about those people. If someone in India asks humorously, “Where’s the beef,” they might find themselves arrested. Here’s something else — a good laugh almost always targets someone to poke fun at. Invariably, the entity being poked may not think it’s funny.

    Remember the Polish Jokes, Irish Jokes, Irish-Catholic Jokes, Negro Jokes, Country boy Jokes, City Slicker Jokes, and Politician Jokes? How funny were the “girl jokes?” Each of those, told in mixed company, might encourage a reaction where laughing isn’t an option.

    As it turned out — at least according to some historians, the Polish Jokes that made us laugh were an invention of the Germans during WW II … to cause stormtroopers to have less empathy for the people they were assaulting. True? I don’t know — but maybe … given what we know about Negro Jokes — nearly all of which were intended to demean Negroes.


  4. geeez2014 says:

    BOCOPRO….it almost makes me cry to read that… similar to my upbringing though I’m more Peter’s age than yours 🙂



    PETER….in Los ANgeles, too…….those same values, the same safety, the best schools, the safest neighborhoods…etc etc. Such good days.

    MUSTANG: I don’t remember “Negro Jokes” but I KNEW ‘the times they were a changin'” when I called to tell my #2 sister going to Berkeley the best “Polish joke” I ever heard…..she was stunned and shocked. I said “But it’s hilarious…and it’s the humor that everyone’s using these days and it could be ANY group of people….!” (I don’t know an ugly OR stupid POle to this day, by the way)…
    She was shocked and I remember actually thinking “What is HAPPENING? SHe’d have laughed her head off …”
    Maybe not after Berkeley exposure.

    How about BLONDE JOKES…! It was the HUMOR, the CLEVERNESS, not an insult….

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  5. Mustang says:

    I agree with you, Z … and my comments were not meant as a criticism. But of course, being on the receiving end of a joke would run the risk of being insulting, would it not? Take any Polish joke you ever heard, and substitute Armenian for Polish … is it still as funny as it was before?

    This is a story I heard years ago. There was a Caddilac convertible traveling down the road at a high rate of speed. Inside the car were four Negros. Suddenly, the vehicle left the road and crashed into a telephone pole, killing all occupants. When the Alabama deputy sheriff showed up, he began writing tickets. The ambulance arrived next, and the chief EMS technician demanded what the deputy was doing. He answered: I’m citing the driver for speeding, the passenger for not wearing a seat belt, the one fellow in the back for not remaining properly seated in a moving conveyance, and that fellow up there on the telephone lines … unlawfully interfering with a public utility.

    That was the “joke,” and people laughed. Only I didn’t see much humor in it. And I was stationed in Alabama at the time. Maybe it had more to do with making fun of Alabama police officers. Whatever …


  6. bocopro says:

    Well . . . firstly, many urban areas of North American and western Europe have become open-air asylums for the disturbed and delusional. The problem there is that the “woke” have inveigled their way into the educational system.

    Not only do they vote, but they indoctrinate young impressionable minds in schools, beginning with the gender nonsense in kindergarten and culminating in Marxist apotheosis in universities.

    Kinda odd, innit . . . that universities make such a big deal about Diversity and Inclusivity, but then refuse to allow conservatives to speak on campus.

    Now the REAL damage hasn’t even fallen upon us yet. You think we got problems now, wait ‘til all those indoctrinated doctors, lawyers, economists, programmers, editors, journalists, and other grads spewing out of the woke pipeline today ensconce themselves into courtrooms, operating rooms, classrooms, and newsrooms.

    DE-programming them will be next to impossible unless and until the bulldog comes to the door and goes for their femoral arteries while they chant their “Diversity! (All Hail Diversity) Equity! (Share the Misery) Inclusion! (Try Not To Be So Damned WHITE)” mantra and realize that it’ll take a retired grunt Marine Corps medic to save their miserable lives, not a PC soundbyte and a D.E.I. photo op.


  7. geeez2014 says:

    MUSTANG: I didn’t take your comments as criticism AT ALL.

    BUt I DO have to tell you that I’ve TOLD jokes meant for other ethnicities as ARMENIAN JOKES. My favorite old joke being “What’s the national bird of Armenia?” “The Fly” (there were funnier but I can’t remember)
    I’m pretty confident in my heritage, proud actually…and I hope other ethnicities are, too, you know?

    OF COURSE I know if I were Polish I might not think those old jokes funny….But I had Polish friends who found them hilarious! I have a woman born in Poland staying here with me; She’s 40, and I’ll ask her if they had those in Australia (where she lives) or not! 🙂

    I’m with you on the ‘Negro’ joke….notsofunny! 🙂

    BOCOPRO…Of course I see what’s going on NOW but HOW DID IT START? Did we just not see communism moving slowly into our schools and now we’re reaping that hideous harvast?

    You say “wait ‘til all those indoctrinated doctors, lawyers, economists, programmers, editors, journalists, and other grads spewing out of the woke pipeline today ensconce themselves into courtrooms, operating rooms, classrooms, and newsrooms.”

    I’ve been thinking that, too…you’re so right. AND, those occupations you mention, particularly doctors, journalists and judges, won’t probably even be knowledgeable to HAVE those positions…..
    We’re over MERITOCRACY which made our country so great, and into “Check the box…lesbian? Trans? Minority? etc:”. “YOU GOT THE JOB! AREN’T WE OPEN MINDED”

    I heard this morning there’s some trans judge who won an award and, herself, says “But I haven’t had the position long enough to prove myself…”

    Ya, ya THINK?


  8. geeez2014 says:

    You won’t BELIEVE this paragraph from the link! She checks ALL the boxes (which is sad because it includes illness…but…)

    “Mudryk said her experiences as a transgender woman, a person with a significant disability, the parent of an adult Black man, and the descendant of Jewish Holocaust survivors spurred a legal career spent advocating for the civil rights of all people.

    Born with osteogenesis imperfecta, which is commonly known as brittle bone disease, she said she has experienced more than 100 fractures in her life.

    Mudryk said she is proud to be transgender, having transitioned in the last four years, and has been accepted and promoted as part of Newsom’s administration.”

    Honestly, I have to admit she’s done great things for the disabled community as you’d see in the rest of the link but her being Jewish, having a Black son, transgender, disabled, etc., …..WOWZA
    How could she LOSE?


  9. peter3nj says:

    The optometrist told his Chinese patient you have a cataract.She said no, I drive a Toyota.
    The gynecologist asked the elderly negro lady, How’s your flow? She answered,
    During a drought in the early 70’s this was written on a bathroom stall, “Flush twice it’s a long way to Puerto Rico.
    How can you tell it’s a white party? Nobody’s dancing.
    The list is endless. My wife and her family are Colombian and I tease them endlessly as they torture the English language.
    Who is offended? You know the answer…


  10. geeez2014 says:

    LAUGHING here 🙂


  11. Baysider says:

    BP’s “I want to live in a small town where ….” the surveillance state keeps its nose out of other peoples’ business and pays more than lip service to the constitution.

    I am very sad about what has happened to humor, although I’ll admit I was never a fan of people humor that was not based on actual characteristics. Highlighting those does make things funny, to wit: “how many Californians does it take to change a light bulb?” Five. One to change the bulb and four to share the experience. Indeed, such a California ‘thing.’

    In fact, let one of my favorites bring smiles into a dark and rainy day. It CAN still be done:

    The whole spiel is terrific, but I picked a favorite highlight. Men and women. 🙂


  12. geeez2014 says:

    BAYSIDER….MAN, did we just have a TORRENT for about five minutes!! Love it, except it screws my TV up for a few minutes!

    THIS comedian is hilarious… “cage free bleach”….the bananas story (Whole Foods and the 99 Cent Store!!)….

    “I’ll do the dishes…after I read the Old Testament…”

    He cracked me UP!!! I like his listening to his wife when he gets home to “…her story which is not going to have a beginning or an end…”

    Thanks…REALLY funny guy!


  13. Baysider says:

    My favorite part was “and you will offer NO solutions…. Even .. if … there is a CLEAR solution.” I like DryBar. Clean comedy. And since I shop at that Whole Foods I knew exactly what he meant.


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