Conservatives…..Going, going, gone..??

It’s not just MAGA REPUBLICANS constantly being sued or insulted but, more than usual, the Left is also suddenly HEAVILY ON FOX……..

Check THIS OUTThe Guardian REALLY wants FOX gone and lies…..I could dig up 20 more stories but I don’t think I have to in order to make  my point:


Some of you don’t appreciate FOX, FINE!   I’m a huge fan of most of their hosts, appreciate how much their Conservatism shows particularly when they’re on panels other than the shows they host/read,  appreciate that they often have liberals on because it’s important to know what we’re fighting, and I believe it’s feeding a lot of people who can only find anything Conservative there…..’nuff said.


It started with TUCKER CARLSON (who’s so hyperbolic he gets on my nerves, too) and the fact that he reveals a LOT that people aren’t hearing elsewhere.

Trump, Dominion, the Arizona voting results, etc etc…….ALL BAD NEWS FOR FOX, ALL FOX SINS and ALL GOTTA GO!

It’s pretty clear that FOX is going to have to watch itself and I’m grateful that at least one of the owners’ sons, Lachlan, is hanging tight and needs to….Even Rupert says Lachlan is more conservative than he is. Thank goodness, because the other brother is NOT.

SO it’s not just MAGA REPUBLICANS being dumped on every single time Biden or any leftwinger opens his mouth…….it’s ANYTHING CONSERVATIVE….


And, how many idiot presidents would make fun of MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN?  

Only Biden.

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15 Responses to Conservatives…..Going, going, gone..??

  1. bocopro says:

    Yeah . . . in my area, OAN and Newsmax aren’t available on TV any more, proving the adage that in a world where propaganda is the first rule of journalism, truth is a dirty rotten conspiracy.

    If a news channel TV commentator dares to criticize a liberal policy, fad, wet dream, or plan, the immediate response from the left is outrage and a call to shut it all down as hyperbole or conspiracy. Later, when it turns out to be true, it becomes racist.

    And Joey . . . asking him “what’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever done?” is a fool’s errand. First, his memory is so unreliable that you can be sure he’d have to make something up. And the question itself presupposes that he’s already peaked at dumbassery.

    IMO, he will soon announce his entry into the 2024 race for a 2nd term, with Camelho as his running mate. Then right before the dems’ convention to formalize the ticket, he will bail out due to unforeseen health issues, leaving the gate wide open for Newsom, who might conceivably name Mooch as his vote-getter.

    How’s THAT for a conspiracy theory?

    It all began, of course, when mention of God was forbidden in the classroom. And today, with all the superfluous drecchh schools focus on, such as race, diversity, equity, climate, gender, drag queens, and so on, no time remains for the fundamentals.

    The reason schools have stopped teaching civics and government, especially how taxation functions, is that if they did, every kid would turn out to be conservative.

    Instead, kids are taught about diversity, equity, racism, climate change, and the fact that white people are responsible for everything bad that happened anywhere ever. Before the higher-order areas of their brains have fully developed, they are encouraged to criticize, condemn, revise, and discard processes and concepts they don’t fully understand and haven’t actually experienced in real life.

    But, not to worry — Putin and Xi are prepping to solve all our problems by first buying farms and businesses throughout the country, second by destroying our Pacific fleet, and third by decimating an entire generation with opioids and other poisons.

    Our national debt is already past the point of correction and is now completely self-feeding. Only ONE avenue is open to solve the debt crisis . . . cancellation. And if that occurs, it’s Katie, turn off the lights and will the last one out shut the door.

    We now have at least 2 years’ worth of students who cannot read or do math. They might be able to recognize many of the words on a page, but they can’t tell you what the sentences mean. Hey, when college students don’t understand the simple process of (1) take out a student loan and (2) pay it back, how will they ever be able to survive in a digital-currency plastic world of interest, fees, fines, and balloon payments?

    And when hysteria and greed can masquerade as science in the anthropogenic climate and sinogleep fiascoes, coupled with allowing biological males to compete against females in women’s sports, and hiring vice presidents based on gender and skin color, you can call in the dogs and piss on the fire, ‘cuz THIS party’s over.

    Among the myriad of things the bombastic Orangeman said, perhaps the most poignantly prophetic was “political correctness is gonna destroy us.” I’m sure he didn’t come up with that himself, but that doesn’t detract from its validity.

    Here’s another conspiracy theory for ya:

    In the 50’s, we were all gonna die from Russian ICBMs.
    In the 60’s, we were all gonna starve ‘cuz the oil would be gone in 10 years.
    In the 70’s, we were all gonna freeze to death in 10 years in the coming ice age.
    In the 80’s, we were all gonna die of hunger in 10 years because of acid rain.
    In the 90’s, we were all gonna die of cancer in 10 years because of the ozone layer.
    In the 2000’s, the ice caps would be gone in 10 years and we’ll all drown.
    The constant is that none of those things happened, but each one raised our taxes.

    And now . . . wokism is gonna terminate the great New World experiment without a hostile force setting boots on our soil and the US will become the 3rd millennium version of the British empire . . . an overextended Hall of Mirrors constructed by people of color so that white oppressors could admire themselves all day long.


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  2. Mustang says:

    I think this is an important revelation, and if it is true that Fox knowingly misled people, given that some people trust it as a news source, then there should be an accounting. As painful as it is, we must do this to restore confidence in our system. Recently, one of the Fox news producers filed suit against the company (Fox) in connection with the lies it told the American people about Dominion … known to be lies when they were spoken. It is too early to know any of the details, but I don’t object to the test (the court case) if we can learn anything from it. We may not like the revelations, but our ability to trust a news source is far more critical than the lawsuit. Do we think it is proper to denounce lying journalists at CNN and MSNBC but hold yahoo’s at Fox to a different standard?


  3. Silverfiddle says:

    Fox has been very effective, which is why rabid leftists want to kill it dead.

    I doubt Fox will lose the Dominion lawsuit. It’s a very high bar for Dominion, but for Fox, the damage is already done. Fox succumbed to crowd capture. They all didn’t like Trump, thought is post-election actions were reckless and dangerous, and they knew Giuliani, and Team Kraken were all nuts, and many of them bald faced liars… but Fox producers and personalities kept it all to themselves and pandered to MAGA nation out of fear of losing audience and revenue.

    Fox made deliberate, conscious decisions and now they’re stuck.

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  4. JG says:

    I do not trust Fox any more then I trust the rest of Corporate Media. I do like some of specific Fox people but believe they are not giving the full truth or will give only what they have been told to give. I have given up on TV and now stream video and do the internet.

    I was watching back in 2020 that Fox called AZ before even 1% of the vote was in and I found that too strange. Then across the nation and the 2020 counting stopped with Trump in the lead and about 2 hours later it started up again and Biden was leading, including in AZ. This made it clear that Fox and all other Corporate Media knew what was happening.


  5. bunkerville says:

    I have followed Dominion for years both here in the U.S. and other countries, as well as other electronic voting systems. We are back to the same issue. “Standing” in the court system. There is little question in my mind when there are more votes cast then are registered, and the issues with the voting machines are ALWAYS on the GOP side it is hard to conclude otherwise that something is amiss with Dominion.
    When we have I.S. folks demonstrate at hearings that the machines can be hacked..what are we to conclude? But the answer is always the same it seems. The courts and State Governments do not want sincere investigations. And the courts? You can’t do anything until after the election.. and often weeks to finally get “standing.” by that time most of any evidence is long gone.


  6. bunkerville says:

    Not sure if you can do tweets.


  7. Mustang says:

    I worked for a company years ago whose primary task was educational measurement. The cost of producing a high-stakes test is astronomical, not to mention the process is amazingly complex when added to a time element. So the company wondered if it would be possible (and cheaper) to develop measurements from computer-based instruments. Lots of time and effort went into the developmental process. The company failed to hire a convicted hacker who could show them how to develop a perfectly closed system. The result was that on the afternoon of the first day, a high school senior breached the system and revealed all the correct responses to the prompts. That was a flush of around $15 million.

    So I do not think for one moment that Dominion can produce a perfectly closed system. It may be that Dominion is doing the best it can. And if that’s the case, well and good. If Dominion can’t do it, whatever the reason, then the states employing Dominion have an important decision. If the states fail to make the correct decision, the people have an important decision in the next election. It is up to the states to protect their election system, not Dominion.

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  8. geeez2014 says:

    BUNKERVILLE…again, you nail it. We lost OAN and Newsmax off our normal DirecTV offerings about 2 years ago…….and FOX is THE ONLY station where it’ll suddenly scramble…suddenly, I see colored squares and the sound’s gone….too often. I’ll quickly switch to other channels to see if they’re affected….rarely. Just FOX.

    MUSTANG… This is not about meeting some lofty set of standards no channels really care about; this is about GETTING RID OF CONSERVATIVE INFORMATION.
    I don’t for a half a second believe CNN and MSNBC face the same, and VERY suspiciously sudden, negative stories about them. They only have to finally let people go when they can’t hide a story.

    Nobody should totally buy 100% everything they hear on ANY channel…..But to eliminate the conservative viewpoint, and the number 1 rated channel, because FOX doesn’t meet all the standards..?

    SILVERFIDDLE “They all didn’t like Trump?” Have you seen panels where hosts are NOT reading their news to the audience, where they’re speaking for themselves? Jeanine Pirro, Martha , Sandra, Jesse, Gutfeld.. Tyrus…Faulkner, Kennedy, etc etc…they didn’t NOT LIKE TRUMP!

    I’m almost TOO sensitive to catching peoples’ opinions and all of them spoke very highly of WHAT TRUMP WAS DOING…maybe not HIS rhetoric.

    Dominion can’t win.
    I’ll NEVER EVER forget watching a live meeting with Dominion’s president right after the election, when I knew 100% that he was a filthy liar….he said “…I have hundreds of employees and NONE OF THEM IS BIASED”.
    Done. You’re not only a liar, you’re stupid to the square.

    You’re right, SF…FOX has been effective, exactly my point…
    Who gives a damn about Giuliani and whoever Team Kraken is? I care about hearing about bills, seeing the truth at the border (CNN doesn’t cover it nearly at all), seeing the truth about school indoctrination (CNN never does), differing viewpoints on abortion, etc etc.
    Those things are important.

    JG…Just imagine NO FOX…..good luck to most of the audience who needs to hear a conservative viewpoint….you said “This made it clear that Fox and all other Corporate Media knew what was happening.” FOX was questioning “what the heck just happened?” When that happened…they weren’t buying it….and they were smart not to.


  9. geeez2014 says:

    BUNKERVILLE… you say “…the issues with the voting machines are ALWAYS on the GOP side” WHAT?
    I am hoping you mean the issues veer against the GOP? Because that’s what happens.

    Imagine the Pres of Dominion saying of all his mostly Black employees (if we watched, we saw that) are NOT BIASED …I’d add “toward the LEFT?” He lost all credibility; the live meeting I watched, and his statement, was never picked up by any news I saw.

    I don’t really care about DOMINION…I just care about the ELECTION.

    And the fact that I don’t see many people on the Left OR Right working hard to at least try to guarantee fairness and legitimacy to future elections.


    I SO appreciate Baer, Hume, Roberts (who was a lib at CNN until clearly revealing his conservative opinions lately), Sandra, Martha, Jeanine, Harris, McCarthy, Toobin (some of these are FOX guests, not full time hosts), ..well, the list is long and I appreciate ANYBODY telling the stories others won’t carry, as I mentioned above.

    Jumping on FOX isn’t helpful….we none of us can expect perfection. Unless we expect if from all. Then we’re doomed, anyway, because that doesn’t happen.

    I don’t count Tucker and Hannity; ya, they get most stories at least partly right but they are editorialists and their opinions don’t matter much to me. They’re hyperbolic as hell and so I often run when they’re on….back to “Everybody Loves Raymond!”


  10. bunkerville says:

    If someone can be convicted of a murder without a body, why is it so hard to think that the owners of these electronic systems cannot be found guilty of being corrupted?
    If one injures a person, even if not intentionally, one can still be held accountable.
    If a company sells a machine no matter what kind and there is harm they are liable. To give Dominion a pass because nothing is perfect doesn’t pass the sniffer test.


  11. geeez2014 says:

    BUNKERVILLE….TOTALLY get that …thanks.

    MUSTANG, by the way, you asked “Do we think it is proper to denounce lying journalists at CNN and MSNBC but hold yahoo’s at Fox to a different standard?”

    The different standard is what’s important….day after day, CNN and MSNBC go without mentioning the border, the truth about the energy situation, etc etc….Where’s the criticism?


    Funny enough, FOX was set up by CNN (I’ve written about what I heard on CNN before FOX even went on the air, disparaging the very idea of a right-leaning channel before it had debuted) and we all know that STUCK, good and tight. Tell anyone a true story they are unaware of, tell them you saw it on FOX, and “OH, FOX…of COURSE you think that’s true…” TYPICAL.

    SO, while we all want honesty in the news, it can’t only be the one very popular news station which does show a conservative point of view which now has to prove itself…though don’t we wish all news was REALLY ALL the news?.

    It’s SO OBVIOUS what the Left is doing and that was the point of my post today: The HUGE and quite suddenly more vicious and frequent attacks on FOX. Not because of anything said, not because of that producer we’re all supposed to believe because the leftwing news says we should, …no…..just because :


    ALL STATIONS MUST DO THEIR BEST ….I appreciate FOX because they have liberals on much of the day, on panels, giving their side, and because there are such strong conservatives there (I keep forgetting to mention a favorite , Charlie Hurt…Joey Jones, Faills, etc. )

    We can’t let that go because of standards nobody else will live up to……Or because only FOX has producers everyone’s supposed to suddenly believe….because it’s negative , against FOX.


  12. Baysider says:

    I don’t know what Fox said about Dominion, but there is plenty to BE said about them that is not good. I remember that “we’re not biased” quote. Yes, revealed volumes. At BEST willful blindness. So many jurisdictions with more votes cast than voters. Dominion machines are Noah Harari’s dream – HACKABLE. That should be a JUICY story for a real journalist to investigate crooked and sloppy practices in Dominion and various county registrars in following the tainted chain of custody of ballots.

    Since I don’t watch Fox or these others outlets, I go by excerpts I see in other posts. It’s shocking how extremely left biased, close minded and ignorant most of them are. I probably see the pick of the better ones on Fox, but some of these ‘living room’ group discussions they have seem childish to me. Kind of like The View is. As I’ve watched Tucker’s excerpts I’ve come to like him. I love his laugh, punctuating the ridiculousness of the subject of discussion. BTW, who else covered the theft of the Tanzanian dress designer’s creations by that little Biden admin pimple who eventually got canned for stealing luggage? Who showed her beautiful and unique creations first on her in a photo session, then later on the little thievin’ reptile in lipstick? Maybe MSNBC covered it. Dunno. But I do know if Donald Trump’s keeper of the nuclear pile had done that it would have led the news. For nights if not weeks.

    BTW, I think Dominion IS doing the ‘best it can’ but not in the way a good citizen of the republic would consider ‘best.’ It’s the best it can to so muddy the waters that they can deflect criminal charges. Paper ballots! One day voting! Identification! Simple simple simple. The Marxists fight these tooth and nail as they do Fox for the same reason. It disrupts their business plan.

    Bunk + 1, especially at 11:41 am.


  13. geeez2014 says:

    BA YSIDER…so glad you agree about the ‘we’re not biased’ line….it stunned me.

    OUTNUMBERED might be the show you’re likening to The View…’s not at all “childish” but it’s definitely conservative viewpoints on the subjects of the day AND they have a man on every day, a different one, who is the OUTNUMBERED part of that title. SOmetimes they have liberals…rarely…..

    I can’t STAND Tucker’s laugh or his hyperbole jumping to HUGELY ‘far fetched’ assumptions HE likes and makes most peoples’ heads turn……I’m amazed at you!!
    BUT, lately, the last few weeks, he’s doing a bit better…not the laugh, but the hyperbole seems to be toned down 🙂



  14. Baysider says:

    “the hyperbole seems to be toned down” – interesting that this coincides with times of a lot more viewing him.


  15. geeez2014 says:

    I don’t think so…….he’s been HUGELY popular for months now…..and he still jumps to enormously hopeful conclusions when the evidence he presents isn’t nearly enough to back it up….or misconstrued.
    But, who knows? He is certainly despised by the Left and certainly has an enormous viewership.


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