or someone else?

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  1. bocopro says:

    Oh, definally DeSantis, fer shure . . fer shure.

    A Trump nomination would thoroughly inspire, coalesce, and crystallize the Left to vote for whom- or whatever the DNC comes up with to oppose. We’d likely wind up with a Bernie, a Liawatha, a Mooch, a Camelho, or even another term with the Delaware Unaware.

    DeSantis is Trump Lite, a guy with similar goals and policies but considerably less bad-taste-in-your-mouth-next-morning-after-the-debauch personality. And . . . he has the boxtops to back up his validity. He’s a DJT without the billboards, foghorn, scratched-up baggage, and alligator mouth.

    A Trump term would automatically trigger road rage all over the left side of the aisle in both houses of Congress. They’d erect barriers to his policies that would make The Great Wall look like a backyard mole track by comparison.

    We’d go into a period of stasis where little would get done because the Swamp Rats would be holding their breath ‘til Jan 2029 when they could get another properly brainwashed limousine liberal behind the Resolute Desk to support their habitual tax’n’spend profligacy, their climate hysteria, and their infatuation with meso-Americans.

    See . . . Orangeman’s biggest insult to les merdistes, his major and unforgivable sin, was aggravating the pezzonovante by “stealing” the election they’d “fixed” for Shrillary. Then he transformed himself into the political equivalent of Kaepernick, a bright guy with great skills whom no teams want ‘cuz he’s a pain in the butt.

    No, Trump would be a lame duck the instant he’s sworn in whereas considerably more of the entrenched elite might at least give DeSantis a chance.

    But as I’ve said, muchas veces, I’m not entirely sure he wants the job. I wouldn’t have it unless it came with carte blanche executive power for at least a year. And again, anyone who actively seeks 4 or more years in that toxic fishbowl HAS to be either a crook or a meshugana.

    Simply applying for the position cancels your eligibility for it.


  2. peter3nj says:

    Wholeheartedly agree with you Boco with one beleaguered thought in that a Trump no bull,Desantes ticket would give the GOP a possible 12 years in the Oval Office if and only if Trump would go about the business of MAGA whioe keeping his trap shut. Unfortunately along with many others I would assume Desantes could waver and be much less than a Trump or MAGA light. Personally, I have no illusions about 2024 and truly feel and believe the House returns to the democrats, the Senate stays blue and whoever, whether it be Lunchbucket, KHo, Mooch or any other rainbow flag waving straight, the Oval Office remains blue. Factor in the world communist movement led by China and Russia and aided by our CIA, FBI and blue state courts will do whatever it takes to meek a blue administration imposed.Just my amateurish opinion.


  3. JG says:

    I would pick Trump. TDS is alive and well. Trump knows now what is in DC and how to start the taking down of the Deep State. He also know what is in Congress and the Military against him. Corporate Globalism is against him. He knows how to stop it. To clean the Federal Government will take more than one admin. So we will need DeSantis to come in for a full term after Trump to finish.


  4. bunkerville says:

    Regardless how you feel or what you believe. The Trumpestes would never forgive him not being nominated. As such, would revolt and not vote at all.
    Beware the DeSantis and the company he keeps. Great for Florida… Do Due Diligence.


  5. MAL says:

    All good comments and worthy of consideration. Me? Personally…dunno. I like them both so believe a Trump-DeSantis combo could unite those in both camps. I also hope if it happens, the Donald will have learned to talk more like he does when he’s abroad (a politician).

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  6. geeez2014 says:

    BUNKERVILLE, I am VERY well aware of the anti-DeSantis “He’s got BIG money behind him, etc, etc” group….. LOTS of Conservatives against DeSantis and, so far, nothing he’s said or done shows me they’re correct. But I know a LOT of people believe that. And, of course, “the Trumpestes would never forgive him not being nominated..” probably means violence, as Trump clearly insinuated yesterday. NOBODY likes that. And BROTHER, did it give fodder to CNN, MSNBC, etc. “Nice job, Trump”….way to get less votes.

    Not voting at all got us BIDEN…you’d have thought Conservatives would at least have learned that that didn’t work for us.

    Meanwhile, the Left will be tearing Republicans apart with this…as will the Far Right… And yes, I’d have thought you know I do Due Diligence…and I don’t believe everything I read at Gateway, either. The only thing I know was wrong was DeSantis bragging about low Covid numbers in Florida. They were NOT low.

    MAL, Trump would win in a heart beat if he could learn that;
    A. his base isn’t enough to get him elected by FAR
    B. he could get a ton of reasonable dems who see the border, the energy situation, and wars starting up again now that he’s gone if ONLY he’d learn how to come off with empathy and humor. (which he DOES do at his rallies…As I’ve said before, it’s warming to see his big smile when he spots someone he knows in the crowd, then he turns back with THE SCOWL to the audience….what’s he thinking?)

    JG; Possibly, but do you think Trump COULD get elected with the kind of things he’s being saying? Even Republicans, many of us, are TIRED of stupidity like “Ron DeSaNCTUS”….We’re all adults and nobody likes a schoolyard bully.

    ALSO, I often wonder why Trump doesn’t expose a lot of what he knows about this government……never does. And he knows plenty. Has he been physically threatened? Or members of his family threatened? Is he waiting for the primary debates? How much CAN he say?

    Not to brag, but I’d give my eye teeth to write a speech he’d actually use. I got as close to Marc Short with one of mine, but…..nada.


  7. geeez2014 says:

    PETER…I agree about MAGA…..nobody around Biden EVER says “Republicans” unless those Republicans are happening to agree with them on something.
    Otherwise, it’s apparently QUITE an insult to use “MAGA REPUBLICANS” because that’s all B iden says.

    Were Trump really smart, he’d call attention to it:

    “Biden…the only president who uses “Make America Great Again” a negative…”

    Let that sink in.


  8. geeez2014 says:


    You hearing our bigwig military constantly saying “We don’t want conflict with

    Is our Military, TOO, bowing to the far Left? We don’t want conflict? Then aren’t you aware of what Iran is DOING? But, that’s okay since we don’t want conflict?
    Iran does….

    then what?


  9. MAL says:

    Z, I don’t believe our military isn’t preparing. Like I mentioned earlier, nearby Nellis Air Base has been very active in our skies, some times late at night and early a.m. Hopefully, wise decisions will be made in D.C.


  10. geeez2014 says:

    MAL, I can only believe the politicos who are saying how much our gifts to Ukraine are depleting us, how even our navy is being outnumbered..and that I believe it’s 9% of young people want to join the military. Yes, I found an article which confirms the 9%…

    America can’t expect to teach its children what a stinkin’ slave-owning hell hole our country’s always been AND expect young people to want to defend her.

    Yesterday on Prager, I heard a substitute teacher say that two little boys were saying how awful America was because of slavery….she asked them to Google who started the attempts at stopping slavery around the world….AMERICAN. THe boys didn’t know that…..were very surprised. I rest my case.

    Meanwhile, our enemies throw them in the military “or ELSE”, never worry about what pronouns they are using, don’t design special flight suits for pregnant fliers (give them a larger size, that’ll do it), and preach PATRIOTISM to them “CHINA IS TAKING OVER”.

    Not us. May I be wrong, please, God.


  11. geeez2014 says:

    Watch Macron get rid of his $80K watch while on TV….hilarious hypocrisy.


  12. Baysider says:

    “Simply applying for the position cancels your eligibility for it.” Amen brother.

    Cannot say. I love a lot of what DeSantis has done. He stands against the mob while being professional and executive. He’s shown he gives a rip about his citizens and will go to bat for them. Does that translate? “IF” trump could …. what you said. It would be Trump hands down.

    Interesting that video with Macron. Yeah, mau mau others about austerity….


  13. geeez2014 says:

    BAYSIDER…that’s a great line about eligibility, isn’t it!

    And I couldn’t agree more about Trump “IF”…”IF ONLY!”….He’s speaking tonight in Waco, I can’t bring myself to listen he’s going to be all about Bragg, etc., and DeSANCTIMONIUS and all the other silly stuff he just can’t let go of.

    If ONLY He’d say “Look, our country’s a wreck and we need to DO something……Enough of broken borders, 800 illegals dying, our young people working for cartels as they illegally drive migrants here, our schools failing not only because half the kids don’t speak English but because our education unions aren’t interested in them! ….and nobody doesn’t care about the environment, about the preservation of our beautiful planet, but what exactly happened to the threats that we’d be gone TEN YEARS AGO, according to Greta, Al, and John Kerry? Let’s build the infrastructure and THEN we can go from there..leave our gas stoves and air conditioning ALONE!…SINCE WHEN would Russia have gone into Ukraine had I stayed in office, and why do YOU think China wanted me not reelected? THINK, people! And please stop with the pronouns ! Nobody cares but such a small percentage that I’m wondering why we’re all CAVING? I’m Donald Trump, I’m a HE, HIM and I’ll bet you men are, too!
    Let’s give our kids the same country WE grew up in…let’s stand up proud, don’t take a knee for our beautiful National Anthem! Let’s give them back what we had….patriotism”

    etc etc

    I can only dream. As I said above, one speech I wrote got to Marc Short, I know that for a fact….but that was a pipe dream.


  14. Baysider says:

    “And please stop with the pronouns ! Nobody cares but such a small percentage that I’m wondering why we’re all CAVING?” I love that line!

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  15. geeez2014 says:

    BAYSIDER, what do you think might happen if Trump were to say my exact words in a speech?


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