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Most of you know about Benjamin Hall, the FOX reporter whose car was hit by bombs in Ukraine, killing the two Ukrainians driving and guiding them, their lovely 24 yr old  translator,  Sasha Kuvshynova and Pierre Zakrzewski who, by all accounts, was one of the greatest guys anybody could ever want to know.  Makes me smile that his nationality is IRISH with a name like that!!

After the first bomb hit their car, Ben said everything went black, then he very clearly saw and heard his little girl who was in London say “Daddy, get OUT of the car!”….he did, and he survived.  All others were killed.

He says now that family and friends are everything to him…the attack has awakened him to ‘what’s important.’   “The most important things are sometimes what you already have,” says he.    “Focus on goodness.”

SAVE OUR ALLIES saved his life, along with FOX’s staff… He says “Help where you can.  There is light…believe the good is there.”

Please pray for Benjamin, and for Pierre’s wife, family and friends, and Kuvshynova’s family and friends, too.

ALSO:  Some of you will remember LASUNSETT blogger..(Scott)…He has been very ill…is recovering at home.  Now his wife has been diagnosed with a lung cancer with only a 5% chance of recovery….the only hope being chemo, radiation, etc.etc.  Marlene does not want to live that way…Please pray for them having just received this hideous news quite out of nowhere.

THANKS, everybody.  Have a wonderful, blessed Sunday.



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9 Responses to Sunday Faith Blog

  1. geeez2014 says:

    And is anyone surprised? This makes kind, open, thinking people turn on Trump in a heartbeat. How SAd. He’ll never learn.
    I’m beginning to think something odd is going on…even odder than I’d been curious about (to myself) before.


  2. MAL says:

    For decades China has been waging control of the world tactics primarily on the backs of its own people via cheap labor. The last thing we need is their alliance with Russia. Trump knew this and was putting out the palm branch to Putin early on in his presidency. The Left ruined any chances by shouting “Russia collusion! Russia collusion!” At the time, Trump said “actually, I’ve never met the man, but I’m sure we could get along.” Detente. Now they are throwing all this garbage at him via the courts because they know he was right, but won’t admit it.

    China’s population is 1 1/2 billion. It would take uniting the rest of the world’s 6 1/2 billion people to keep them from taking control of the world’s economy. The living standards of the Chinese people most likely are now improving and enabling them to buy things like homes, cars, travel, etc.
    An alliance between these two is the last thing we needed!

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  3. MAL says:

    OOOOPS! Sorry! I thought my post was on Russia’s recent alignment with China. How it got posted with this beats the heck outta me!


  4. Baysider says:

    Well Mal, China has already taken control in the most popular apps young people use today. They have the top 4 – ahead of Facebook.

    I like that “the most important things are things you already have.” A mature attitude and one that would keep people out of a lot of mischief.

    So sorry about your friends. We’re all heading there, but there is something especially poignant about 2 people ill in a couple trying to hold each other up. Yes, prayers for them.

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  5. MAL says:

    I know, Bay. Now our government is trying to stop our using Tic Tok (or however its spelled!). Good luck on THAT! How can we? Is that even possible, being as its all in cyber space?

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  6. MAL says:

    Z, I believe Trump is the way he is because of the way he’s been treated by the hysterical left. He’s not that way at all with dignitaries, is he? HOWEVER,,,,,, I gotta admit at his rallies, he’s been more like a “carni barker”.


  7. geeez2014 says:

    MAL, I think Trump is the way he is because that’s the way he is……Although I’ve mentioned here before people who’ve met him say he’s extremely nice and warm. THat he can’t learn people like that more than hearing him insult and slam others, etc., is a tough one.

    I’m stunned when I see him at rallies showing SUCH an ego, so blustering, growling, etc, and I have friends who think that’s JUST FINE. SO, it could be me!

    Imagine if Trump could do all the great stuff he did those four years he was president AND be likable and warm and empathetic while still being tough to our adversaries, etc…rather like Reagan was?
    But, I have friends who actually believe you can’t be both…which I find astonishing…because you CAN.


  8. MAL says:

    Z…… a perfect world………………..


  9. geeez2014 says:

    MAL…in a semi-perfect human being one can have kindness, empathy and toughness….I know that for sure!


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