What might the world be thinking?

This shows that the President of Zambia has more class than many Americans.

I admire his not mentioning Trump but just plain saying “The law’s the law…we’ll see.”…

El Salvador’s President, Bukele, is someone I’ve admired and I don’t know what to make of this:

Nayib Bukele: Sadly, it’ll be very hard for US Foreign Policy to use arguments such as “democracy” and “free and fair elections”, or try to condemn “political persecution” in other countries, from now on…

SO TELL ME:  Do you think Bukele’s being a punk and kind of sticking it to America OR do you believe, since he’s always been pretty pro American and had a good relationship with Trump, he’s sorry this is happening.  I found and had translated this information, so I’m quite sure my source I Googled is leftwing….I was thinking when I started to read it that I liked Bukele even more since it says his relationship with Biden’s not good, but then the journalist from El Salvador adds “…after the blows to democracy and violation of human rights by the Salvadoran president!” Here’s the translated paragraph:

“However, El Salvador’s relationship with the United States, and after the arrival of Joe Biden to the White House, has been in decline, after the constant blows to democracy and violation of human rights by the Salvadoran president.”

Got any thoughts on these two guys?


By the way, Leftwinger Dershowitz says this is the worst example of prosecutorial malfeasance he’s ever seen………..


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7 Responses to What might the world be thinking?

  1. bocopro says:

    Either Donnie Trump or Joey Biden will get a second term beginning in January 2025 – equally terrifying eventualities.

    By the time Halley’s comet comes by again, the USA will have become the EUC, Estados Unidos Chicanos.

    Lo siento mucho, amigos mios, pero no es reparable; entonces, en este punto, que diferencia hace?


  2. peter3nj says:

    Agreed Boco.
    No more chicken in every pot, instead arroz y frijoles en cada tazón. Hooray for the kids will have off from school on cinco de mayo and Al Sharpton’s birthday.


  3. geeez2014 says:

    There is a difference, BOCOPRO, because I don’t believe Biden will run again…I just don’t. It’s my opinion that the Dems are in meetings scrambling, preening, readying who they feel could beat Trump and I am hoping and praying they’re not moronically stupid enough to believe it’s NewSCUM, but I think it could be, judging by his latest ad video. AND they have to come up with a good reason they ousted Biden.

    Newsome will be the final nail in the box of America should he win….because the great conservative Californians in this state did not scream from the rafters reminding what he’s done to this fantastic state everyone came to for years for so many good reason.
    He’s destroying it, apparently (I don’t see much of what we hear on TV except I know the reparations will be the end$$$), and he will continue to do this to the country.

    He is a snake.


  4. geeez2014 says:

    I wanted to add that Asa Hutchinson is not real smart…..First, he was on CNN yesterday, that’s enough to show lack of intelligence…THEN he suggested Trump should leave the race because if he stays IN it, all the country will be doing is talking about IT instead of the problems we have.

    Anybody here think that Trump’s leaving the race would lessen the incessant coverage and nastiness toward him 24/7? !!!

    I didn’t think so.


  5. geeez2014 says:

    PETER! “Hooray for the kids will have off from school on cinco de mayo and Al Sharpton’s birthday.”

    que lastima!


  6. MAL says:

    Z, I agree the Dems don’t want Biden again in ’24. They’re tired of scrambling to cover his butt. They’re stuck with him, also, just like we are. They’re having to suffer the ills of his decisions the same as we are. Thats one consoling thought, isn’t it?

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  7. Baysider says:

    Savvy people understand this is political revenge of the nature you’d see in a banana republic, although the victim there might be killed instead of indicted. It is certainly a stark contrast with our words and does not make us look serious and reliable when you put it in the context of many shenanigans the country has done.

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