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I’m Cory Booker; Pay me a million and I’ll RUN! :-)

YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS UP……… AND, considering there are so few white supremacists in the whole country, I’m thinking we don’t need it 🙂 Do we need anything to combat Black on Black crime? Do we need to get to … Continue reading

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What is “exciting” about THESE?

Do YOU think THIS is even worth consideration? I don’t, really, but I believe it’s important for people to understand the thinking of some voters….and he is NOT ALONE, folks. I’m not against more foreigners in our country if they … Continue reading

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Lefties Preventing Her Election!?

THIS MADE ME LAUGH AND I HOPE IT DOES THE SAME TO YOU! Other than the obvious goofiness of this woman and any hope to succeed as president of the United States, I thought it hilarious that a LEFTY is … Continue reading

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Walls work….so do good LAWS

What do you think of Trump’s hoping to get a law which says NOBODY GETS A GREEN CARD WHO’S ON PUBLIC ASSISTANCE?   This is not a new law, Clinton signed it into effect years ago.  I find it worthy of … Continue reading

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Question about The Hunt…and GUN CONTROL

I was wondering what you thought might happen were anybody in Hollywood to make THE HUNT from the Rightwing point of view.  Picture the media had Clint Eastwood made a film about Rightwing elitists shooting down people they thought were … Continue reading

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Sunday Faith Blog

First, I thought you’d like this that I saw on Facebook: DEMOCRATS,  STOP ATTACKING OUR GUYS FOR WEARING MAGA HATS AND WE’LL STOP ATTACKING YOUR GUYS FOR WEARING DRESSES! I LOVED that and almost didn’t write more today….but I will … Continue reading

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“WOW! THAT’ll bring the Left down!”

NO, it won’t. I’m tired of seeing Tom Fitton from Judicial Watch, and Trey Gowdy and Jim Jordan, and Mike Huckabee,  David Nunes,  Greg Jarrett and SO many MANY others on FOX showing proof that the Left has done really … Continue reading

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Ari Fleischer Fan here!

This cracked me up so I had to share it with you guys…. On FOX yesterday, I believe it was on Cavuto’s show that Ari Fleischer and two women were questioned by Neil about the Left suggesting we pay American … Continue reading

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Trump and Racism

Could you all chime in here and inform me about the “RACIST TALK” the president is accused of?     I keep hearing about the “President’s RACIST TALK” and am not sure that I didn’t miss something he said? Some are … Continue reading

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Some things we can CHEW ON! JOIN ME AND ROG!

I communicate with the father of a young man I knew 15 years ago at my church!  This fellow moved back to his home town across the country and his dad, Roger, and I started sending conservative emails back/forth and … Continue reading

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