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What? Are they KIDDING?

This just can’t be true.   I have no words.  

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testing testing


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Christmas and Politics

I have to admit, I got my conciliatory inspiration from our great political leaders.     Don’t know if anyone follows the news, but our leaders , Speaker Pelosi and President Trump have been squabbling, and they have set aside their … Continue reading

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Young Donald Trump said……..

HAVE YOU SEEN THIS?   It’s only TWO MINUTES…Who knew Donald J. Trump was a prophet? “I see the presidency as a mean life..”   “Somebody with unpopular views, but maybe right, wouldn’t have a chance against a big smile…”  “TV has … Continue reading

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Sunday Faith Blog

I WISH I’d been at the book signing!!     LOVED this and had to share it!!! HAPPY SUNDAY!

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It’s SATURDAY:  If you could do absolutely nothing all day…nowhere to go, house is clean, garden is perfect, you’re feeling great……WHAT WOULD YOU DO? I’d look for old black/white movies and watch all day.  Or read a great book.    … Continue reading

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Australian fires….truth

REGARDING THE AUSSIE FIRES AND THE ABSOLUTE RUBBISH THE CLIMATE FEARMONGERS ARE SAYING:   Got this from a friend and wanted to share it with you and ask for your thoughts:    (Sorry we’ve got Celsius v Fahrenheit here…LINK.   70 degrees … Continue reading

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Mike Lee IS ANGRY!!

WHAT DID YOU THINK ABOUT MIKE LEE AND RAND PAUL? I’d LOVE to know. Does it play into the hands of our enemies (domestic and foreign, of course)? Do you think they’re right?  Both of them are usually pretty sane … Continue reading

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HERE’s a great idea!

I say we empty the Iranian Embassy, fill it full of all the celebrities bitching about Trump and let terrorists surround it.  We’ll give them Hillary’s and Trump’s phone numbers and see which one they call. What do you say?! … Continue reading

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JUST TOO GOOD NOT TO PUBLISH HERE!!   By Emily Jashinsky She writes:    (Z:  You’ll definitely want to see the end of it…so don’t stop reading!  By the way, who IS Ricky Gervais?!!) Ricky Gervais knowingly set Hollywood up for … Continue reading

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