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New presidential appointee: Assistant Director for US Citizenship and Immigation: Fatima Noor, Barack Obama’s latest appointment to a high level position in the Department of Homeland Security, the post of Assistant Director for US Citizenship and Immigration.  Here is a … Continue reading

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Oregon Educators Sanction Perversion/ and, not at all connected…but please chime in with me in COMMENTS about the Hagel resignation

A few days ago, we wrote about a Maryland teacher who has been as busy as a little bee recruiting students to Islam. We wondered, “What must we do to rid our education system of these mentally deficient educators?” Now … Continue reading

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Ten Covenants of Courage

Find ways to influence the government in all its forms. Be willing to disobey [unjust government actions or the mandates of political correctness] [Be willing to accept the consequences of doing so] Take resolute and absolute pride in your own … Continue reading

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Border Problem Solved (NOT)

The one solution to the border crisis we seem to have overlooked is what I like to call the “military option.”  This is where we send every Army recruiter to the border who has failed to make his last quarterly … Continue reading

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“Our” Humanitarian Crisis

According to every news outlet in the United States, increasing numbers of children, fleeing violence and extreme poverty in their Central American and Mexican hovels, are arriving at the United States’ southern border seeking protection, adult care, medical care, and … Continue reading

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Broken Hearted

We are all broken-hearted at some point in our lives. Without exception, everyone experiences tragedy. Some of this is so emotionally painful, we wonder if we will ever be able to overcome it. We lose our beloved suddenly and without … Continue reading

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Beyoncé Voters

It is understandable that television producer Jesse Watters is catching hell about his televised comment a few days ago. Mr. Watters was reacting to one of Hillary Clinton’s inane comments following the Hobby-Lobby decision. Clinton said: “It’s very troubling that a … Continue reading

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by Mustang Admittedly, I have very few good things to say about either Richard Cloward or Frances Fox Piven. I believe they are among this country’s most contemptible personalities. I believe this because of their efforts to destroy American society … Continue reading

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