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Germany’s Appreciation….THANK YOU, AMERICA

I got this email yesterday and had to share it with you.  Might be short for a post, but it packs a big wallop for me!   Here is gratitude, here is remembering history as it was by someone who lived … Continue reading

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HISTORY is part of any country…at least I THOUGHT SO!

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?   So HUCKLEBERRY FINN is out,  TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD is out, and do NOT mention the name of LAURA INGALLS WILDER in any award because she racist!?? No context, no history………Just ERASE ERASE ERASE!!   SOMEONE might … Continue reading

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I suspect some of you are avid readers, some aren’t. Either way, do you have one favorite, or a favorite TOP FIVE BOOKS? Let’s hear about them! Here’s what I have to start doing very soon!!: Z

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HERE IS THE “MORE IMPORTANT” IN MY SUBJECT: I HAVE OPENED A NEW BLOG…..CLICK HERE….Am hoping to get a lot of good conversation going on my rewrites of Trump’s tweets and speeches….thanks for going by!  Now….how about this?: WHAT ARE … Continue reading

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SPLIT SECOND, by David Baldacci

So, I was reading while substitute teaching during the kids’ test yesterday and came across a paragraph in this murder mystery which I felt I had to share; “Bruno was a former iron-balls prosecutor, and he’d made a great number … Continue reading

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Another BOOK? (thanks for commenting on the excellent conversation in the post below, too!)

HAVE YOU HEARD ABOUT THIS?   I just found another favorite book…I think it’ll become yours, too! Z

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-Got as NUMBER ONE FAVORITE? -Do you read books more than once?  My ex-business partner read DAY OF THE JACKAL AT LEAST ONCE A YEAR! -Is there a movie you thought was better than the book of the same title? … Continue reading

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