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Time for laughs….these are good.

Z:  I guess you can understand why BOOMBOX disappeared from the Los Angeles Times, huh?   Maybe your papers, too. Thanks, CC.  xxx  

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Hillary’s Air Force 1

The name ELVIRA GULCH keeps coming to my mind…………, too? Z

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Clinton….should Hill use Bill?

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What do Fiat Chrysler and the Jetsons have in common!?

Fiat Chrysler has to recall about a 1.5 million cars because of hackers.  They’re taking the cars in and will try, at least, to make them hacker-proof. My question is this:  That’s going to be pricey, right?  Why should Fiat … Continue reading

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Advice from a Burglar…..and YOU?

Here are 13 secrets of home invaders;  Reader’s Digest recently ran an article titled “13 Things a Burglar Won’t Tell You” that offers some sobering caveats from convicted burglars. – Of course I look familiar. I was here just last … Continue reading

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Safe or Sorry?

There are many who feel Americans can stay safe against terror (etc.) and still keep our freedoms (no Patriot Act): HOW? Z (with humble thanks to the ‘Original Artist” at “CartoonStock”  oops, I hope that works 🙂!!

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Hillary and media snubs

             Did you all see what happened to FOX’s Ed Henry yesterday? I watched the video and simply don’t get it; he barely got a question out when she cut him off and said “Wait … Continue reading

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This cracks me UP!

Sometimes it just helps to LAUGH, particularly on a MONDAY MORNING! Will do some politics later, probably! HAPPY MONDAY! Z

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Blame REAGAN? FORE what?

Did REAGAN play golf the day after the Beirut bombings of 1983?  Like Obama does when there are Americans beheaded? Yes, they’re blaming REAGAN now for playing golf, but THIS ARTICLE  shows it’s utterly rubbish and you will see that … Continue reading

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Hillary and Howard and Hell freezing over

Is there ANY part of her story you believe?  And do you believe that she’ll get off after all she’s done? And did you hear that HOWARD DEAN is criticizing the Obama bunch?  Think he’ll be “Menendez’d”?????? Then Kerry stays in … Continue reading

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