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Two of THE funniest things I’ve seen!

Thanks, Mal!  I’d seen this before but thanks for emailing it and reminding me! Here’s another: HILARIOUS!  Yes, it sounds like I’m anti-wife, or I think we women talk too much, but I do not.  I just find these SO … Continue reading

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Conservatives ALMOST got a chance….but, as usual…

We ALMOST got a show as popular as ROSEANNE to show OUR side, to have it reasonably discussed, to have our values exposed with good humor and intelligence.  (thank goodness LAST MAN STANDING is going back on the air…until someone … Continue reading

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Something’s Happening Here……

I believe there’s a concerted effort driven by the DNC, and probably George Soros and others, to GET TRUMP.   SOON.  Yes, we all know that…I know…. but it’s worse and rather wild now: Politicians not clapping once at a SOTU, … Continue reading

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Black Young People and What’s the Matter….

Denzel Washington stressed the importance of having a positive father figure in the home while speaking recently about the mass incarceration of black males. The Oscar-winning actor told a reporter for The Grio during a special advanced screening in New York of … Continue reading

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Griffin is a VICTIM!?

KATHY GRIFFIN has completely  blown my mind.  SHE is the one who did the picture. SHE is the one who brought this upon herself.  Yet…  She’s so upset that the Trumps are ‘breaking her’….it’s another “WHITE MAN” attack on her? … Continue reading

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Trump’s Inauguration….

Did you hear about this last night on FOX?    Other channels aren’t carrying it, but I find it important.   It’s just yet another sign of the ‘big, open minded liberal.’ HERE is a partial list of celebs who … Continue reading

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Women’s March on Washington

So Gloria Steinem is going to co-chair the big Women’s March on Washington the day after Trump’s Inauguration.  The Chair is Harry Belafonte.  Here’s a quote from the short linked article: “The group said the march will serve as a … Continue reading

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THINK HE MEANS THIS?  And THIS? Nice to hear…as is this…… Kind of fun to look at GOOD news, huh? Z      

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Read and Smile…after yesterday here at GeeeZ, we need a break!

I thought some of these were REALLY clever and hope you enjoy this break from politics, too! The only reason they say “Women and children first” is to test the strength of the lifeboats.  -Jean Kerr When a man opens … Continue reading

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Two Things this Afternoon….

(For my TRUMP SPEECH, please see the post below this one…thanks) I have two things on my mind this afternoon I wanted to share, particularly because Gene Wilder has passed away.  I was at Cedars Sinai on a job when … Continue reading

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