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Trump and KIDS, too? (and more) How sad

I read a Facebook post the other day by a friend who’s moved away….She writes that her little girl asked if her mommy could be the first woman president..  Her mother said jokingly that “yes, mommy will move into the … Continue reading

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Trump; children, and others who now feel the president needs lecturing:

THIS is THE most insulting, low, country-defeating, disgusting thing I’ve read in a VERY long time.  (read it at your own risk…I personally find it a mortifying situation) BY the way, pertaining to my linked article, how many five year … Continue reading

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Trump and Child Care…and MARK LEVIN!?

How’d you all like Trump’s big government program for free child care, etc?   Pretty darned unRepublican, but he did warn us during the primaries about something like this, something Ivanka was cooking up. How’s he going to pay for it? … Continue reading

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Real News from Germany regarding invaders:

Here’s a recent email from my stepson in Munich which we should all read and be aware of: “Situations are getting worse every day. The numbers of women and kids attacked and molested in public pools and on the street … Continue reading

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How many YEARS for WHAT?

THIS STORY stopped me in my tracks.  I don’t usually do crime stories but I believe this merits conversation. How much leniency should be given criminals who are ‘under age’, not matter HOW grievous, how HIDEOUS a crime is? If … Continue reading

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What the F**********?

Lately, I have heard too many young teen aged girls say F*** (I won’t type it here, though I know we ALL know what I mean so what’s really the point of just not typing it?).  Yes, the boys use … Continue reading

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Very sad commentary…

I’ve seen a lot of leftwing comments in my life…so have you, I’m sure. This one bothered me more than usual for obvious reasons.   It was addressed to our buddy SilverFiddle at another blog…. “Silver… just finished reading an … Continue reading

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Ripe Hearts and Minds

I don’t often rewrite or edit my posts;  writing is like talking to me.  I tried on this one, however, because it sounds like it’s all about me and like I’m bragging.  Hopefully, you know me better than that and … Continue reading

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Planned Parenthood, Dolphins, and some questions for you… Greg Gutfeld’s style is not my favorite but he got it right on the Planned Parenthood penchant for selling baby fetus parts;   “What if they were DOLPHINS?” Imagine the outrage from liberals if anybody was harvesting and killing … Continue reading

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Friday: the day the White House reveals information so’s not to get too much push-back, right?…so the news hit yesterday (SURPRISE!) that Obama has found a way to offer free birth control to all American women in spite of the SCOTUS ruling about … Continue reading

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