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Yes, “Ma’am”…how polite! But…………….uhoh……..

THE BOY GOT IN TROUBLE FOR THIS!?? Ready for this?  It gets worse!:   “Adding to their anger was how the teacher allegedly told Tamarion during the encounter that “if she had something, she would have thrown it at him” — … Continue reading

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BOY Scouts……..??

OKAY,  I couldn’t post on this yesterday because I WAS SO SICKENED when our buddy Mustang emailed me Tuesday that the Boy Scouts were now accepting women.  His comment was “We are done.”  I agree. Yesterday, I was at the … Continue reading

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Genitalia doesn’t count?

CHECK THIS OUT.…and we wonder how are kids are so screwed up? Is there a way back for the West?  I know these stories are just very small groups of people doing these whacko things for now, but……….. What do … Continue reading

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Does the government even really want our kids SMART?

This is kind of a “Twilight Zone” but I sometimes think we’re creating a country that could get used to it:  (AOW, I hope you find the time to watch this short piece…it’ll resonate with you, I’m sure)   THOUGHTS, … Continue reading

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Students…..Up on politics or up on their teachers’ agendas?

Is THIS STORY really about the rights of students to peacefully protest even in this rather small way,  who’ve been congratulated by their school superintendent, who says “We are proud of all of our students, who exercised their rights and chose … Continue reading

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Chinese Kids…..amazing!

Unbelievable.  We don’t let our kids cross the street unaccompanied! I agree with the comments on THE SITE THIS VIDEO’S on, too. Z

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Women and Children…first?

Saw a talk show the other day on TV, for about five minutes…all women, called The Talk. The hostess was outraged that anybody would dare ask a woman “How do you do it all, raise children, work, etc.?”   The rage … Continue reading

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Trump and KIDS, too? (and more) How sad

I read a Facebook post the other day by a friend who’s moved away….She writes that her little girl asked if her mommy could be the first woman president..  Her mother said jokingly that “yes, mommy will move into the … Continue reading

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Trump; children, and others who now feel the president needs lecturing:

THIS is THE most insulting, low, country-defeating, disgusting thing I’ve read in a VERY long time.  (read it at your own risk…I personally find it a mortifying situation) BY the way, pertaining to my linked article, how many five year … Continue reading

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Trump and Child Care…and MARK LEVIN!?

How’d you all like Trump’s big government program for free child care, etc?   Pretty darned unRepublican, but he did warn us during the primaries about something like this, something Ivanka was cooking up. How’s he going to pay for it? … Continue reading

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