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Oregon Educators Sanction Perversion/ and, not at all connected…but please chime in with me in COMMENTS about the Hagel resignation

A few days ago, we wrote about a Maryland teacher who has been as busy as a little bee recruiting students to Islam. We wondered, “What must we do to rid our education system of these mentally deficient educators?” Now … Continue reading

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Teaching Islam in school

Can you believe THIS?   I’ve pasted the article below (in italics) with comments from ME in BOLD I’d like to hear from you about.  The Daily Caller’s title is: Father Mad Just Because Public School Teaches ‘There Is No God But Allah’ Millions … Continue reading

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Read at your own risk. And maybe mine as a blogger?

Readers of GeeeZ;  This might be the most inflammatory piece  I have ever published in the approximately 10 years I’ve blogged.  I am including the ‘introduction’ another blogger wrote at the top in italics because I rather share the sentiment.   This was written … Continue reading

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Black kids…SUCCESS!

CHICAGO (AP) – The ballpark gleams, exactly as the home of the Little League World Series national championship team should. Free of graffiti and absent so much as a kid’s initials carved in the grandstand benches, Jackie Robinson Park is … Continue reading

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