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China, Trump, Leftwing witch hunts….?

I listened to this story on CNN, then read it HERE because the inferences and innuendos of CNN were……well, INSANE so I had to know more…… These ‘activists’ who supposedly have, for 20  years, gone underground in companies to find … Continue reading

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Chinese Kids…..amazing!

Unbelievable.  We don’t let our kids cross the street unaccompanied! I agree with the comments on THE SITE THIS VIDEO’S on, too. Z

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Trump….MADE IN THE USA? USS Vinson….Oops?

First, please continue to PRAY FOR IMP.  He’s in some real pain and could use BIG time relief…Please pray each time you think of it throughout your day!  I know he appreciates it so much.   Now to the blog: … Continue reading

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