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Sunday Faith Blog EASTER!

Before I mention Easter below, I’d like to ask you all for a favor I know you’ll be happy to supply; Our good buddy, Imp, has been facing serious health challenges and I’d like you to pray for his patience, … Continue reading

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GOOD Friday

“Good” because it was the start of everything Christians cherish…..sacrifice, hope, love, eternal life, the importance of repentance….and so much more. “He himself bore our sins” in his body on the cross, so that we might die to sins and live … Continue reading

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Our good buddy, Imp, is as outraged as I am about THIS QUESTION.    We can bet that had Christians started killing Muslims in mosques, our media’d be all to ready, maybe gleeful, to talk about it.  Why not this … Continue reading

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Christmas Prayer for Calm

Feeling stressed this last few days before Christmas?  Are things getting to you as there are fewer days left to do a lot?  I hope this helps! “Lord, the years have shown us all that, sometimes, holidays can include challenges … Continue reading

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Sunday Faith Blog

I was given a small book of quotes about Christmas and loved them all but wanted to share some favorites: By Art Fettig:  “Some business men are saying that this could be the greatest Christmas ever.  I always thought the … Continue reading

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THANK GOD….Dylann Roof is GUILTY on ALL COUNTS. God, be with the victims’ families, though we know they will not celebrate; help them feel some peace knowing the monster who shot down their innocent, God loving, church going loved one … Continue reading

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Chip and Joanna Gaines…HATEFUL CHRISTIANS?

EVERYONE better darn well follow the gay, leftwing agenda or you lose your gig.   Or they’ll try to get you thought of as a bigot, a hateful person….that’s the ‘open minded left’ for you!!  imagine? Did you hear about … Continue reading

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A Catholic Priest and America’s election….WOW (and some humor!) ” A Catholic priest talks about the election….God bless him.   I don’t know your denomination, but anybody who has faith in Jesus and hope for America should listen to this.  How he keeps a congregation full of Catholics … Continue reading

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Dobson on DONALD

I don’t often publish articles by well known Christian leaders, but I was sent this by a friend, read it, and thought it was worth thinking about, even for my non Christian readers….take a quick read and consider some of his … Continue reading

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“America needs your vote” By Donald Trump (with a little help from Z)

Dear Americans, Your country needs your vote for me and the fantastic Mike Pence.  Your country needs two people at the helm who care about her, care about her constitution, and care about you and your family. Your country deserves … Continue reading

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