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Hoax Happy…….Climate Change

THIS IS AN EXCELLENT ARTICLE ON THE HOAX OF GLOBAL WARMING…HE’LL ‘BET HIS LIFE ON IT.’ What do you think the reason is that the Left wants so very badly to keep up the global climate change hoax?  First it … Continue reading

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Failed Weather Predictions? Heh

WEATHER PREDICTIONS…..THIS IS FASCINATING.  YOU WILL BE AMUSED! They don’t call Conservatives ‘Right’ for nothing 🙂 Z

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…But, remember, it’s only INFORMATION when it leans Left…. THIS IS FASCINATING  Notice how short the article is and how long the “The sky’s falling!” articles pro-climate change are.   But we’ve been right.  They are wrong.  We will never … Continue reading

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HURRAH!    President Trump did an excellent job explaining WHY he’s taken America out of the Paris Accord.  Of course, Shep Smith of Fox and Jake Tapper and his gang at CNN are dwelling on the fact that “America is … Continue reading

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“America needs your vote” By Donald Trump (with a little help from Z)

Dear Americans, Your country needs your vote for me and the fantastic Mike Pence.  Your country needs two people at the helm who care about her, care about her constitution, and care about you and your family. Your country deserves … Continue reading

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Moral Case for Fossil Fuel

The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels, by Alex Epstein,  is something we should all read.  Well, let me correct that…all nutcase leftwingers unwilling to believe we can save this planet AND not destroy businesses should read it.  I think most … Continue reading

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Denier!? Get real

Well, my goodness;  yet another illustrious scientist saying Obama’s taken the wrong side on climate change, though he’s an Obama supporter and a Democrat.   There were about 32,000 scientists in 2009 who came out against what they called the … Continue reading

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