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Due Process? RIGHTS? for who?

I can’t imagine people who break the law to come here have rights. Please cite (thanks, BB!) where that is in the Constitution….I really want to know, and I know many experts do believe it’s there. And do you think … Continue reading

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A Comparison of HATE

When Obama was president, nearly every day I was dismayed at something he’d done….whether it was executive orders on Friday nights (hilarious that the Left tried to slam Trump for that two weeks ago when Obama did it so often … Continue reading

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The Fifth Amendment

This part of the Fifth Amendment puzzles me: …The Fifth Amendment also guarantees the individual the right to refrain from self-incrimination by “pleading the fifth” to any questions or inquiries that may give way to an additional punishment or the … Continue reading

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Iran’s Threats….and Trump; ugh

Iran’s Khamenei warns US candidates over nuclear deal….. did you see the article under that headline?  Quite something….. I wonder how much countries around the world will try to threaten and bluster their ways around our election this year, scaring … Continue reading

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