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Cuba….and Obama

So Obama’s going to Cuba tomorrow, Sunday.  I have been listening to and reading media stories on the trip.  The one thing they come up with that’s positive for America is that it will encourage tourism.  I wonder if the … Continue reading

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Cuba: “No dissidents, please?”

The Cuban ceremonies opening our Embassy happened yesterday.   HERE is a story on it. In that story it says that dissidents were not invited;  the White House sites space as the problem.   Many are saying dissidents weren’t invited … Continue reading

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Cuba….What a great idea!?

Thank Goodness we allowed our country to be pulled into a relationship with Cuba, a country which oppresses its people, etc., etc….. Now we’re going to be so much better off for making ties with Cuba, right?  How many of … Continue reading

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Cuba….no terror sponsor….BREAKING NEWS

Obama has decided that Cuba does not sponsor terrorism. From THIS SITE, I cite:  Cuba actively continued to oppose the U.S.-led Coalition prosecuting the global war on terror and has publicly condemned various U.S. policies and actions. To U.S. knowledge, … Continue reading

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