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THIS ROCKS……….I’m hearing many on Talk Radio saying they’re going to DC….Democrats tired of DEMOCRATS 🙂 HURRAH!!!!

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The Left wants NOTHING that will be good for Americans unless they did it.  This is less about Trump and more about LEFT v RIGHT.  Period.   They’re so hugely upset because Trump is like the locomotive on the train, powerfully … Continue reading

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FBI….Love it? Trust it? Condemn it?

So, the Left, for months and months, has accused President Trump of undermining the FBI.  “He doesn’t believe them, he doesn’t respect them, he’s fighting them because they have the truth and he doesn’t want it out, blah blah blah…and … Continue reading

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Brett Kavanaugh

  THINK HE’LL MAKE IT? HOW COULD ADULT REPRESENTATIVES OF ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ HAVE ACTED SO BADLY YESTERDAY?  I do understand their frustrations, they’re upset that their ideology might be damaged with a court which leans more Right than Left.  … Continue reading

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Lanny Davis on his “mistake!”! HA!

LANNY DAVIS SAYS HE REGRETS HIS “MAJOR MISTAKE” Ya THINK? “I should have been more clear — including with you — that I could not independently confirm what happened,” Davis, who is an opinion contributor to The Hill, told The … Continue reading

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WORDS: Reps v Dems and AMERICA

THIS ARTICLE discusses the chart above and more.  The chart is a Pew Poll of Americans….Republicans and Democrats.  I was surprised by this: “A large majority of Republicans (77%) react negatively to “socialism,” while 62% have a positive reaction to … Continue reading

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SOCIALISM….”no biggie….you’ll LIKE it!!”

I just watched Democrat NY candidate for governor tell her sycophantic crowd that “The Republicans are going to accuse us of bringing to America S O C I A L I S M no matter what we do, so we … Continue reading

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“Lest we forget..” doesn’t work very often….

Thanks, CC…..   Z

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Homage to PAMELA from my Voting Precinct

I voted here in California yesterday.  What had already got me and Republican friends pretty steamed was the way the Conservative candidates were always listed on the ballot way down at the bottom of each category.   Every one of them. … Continue reading

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Write 10000 times on the chalkboard:

I will NOT let myself get too excited. I will NOT let myself get too excited. I will NOT let myself get too excited. etc. WILL YOU?!!  And what’s causing this? Z

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