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Prager says it ALL with just a few words…

‘BUDDHISM WILL NEVER CURE CANCER’ I heard this after I’d listened to a few minutes of Obama’s “peace, love, dove” speech..”if everybody just cared enough, if everyone put the other first, if we all just got along, if money wasn’t … Continue reading

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Am tired of knowing what I know (that almost every single thing we buy here in America comes from there and I know several gazillionaire Chinese kids who literally wear $2000 tennis shoes to school, drive Bentleys and buy homes … Continue reading

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Tariffs get little mention? and an explanation of Chinese tariffs…

Excuse me for thinking this, but I’d have thought the tariffs news that came out yesterday was a real winner for AMERICA.  There was at least a bit of celebration immediately following.  For approximately 10 minutes. There’s been very little … Continue reading

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“STORE CLOSED”….dayum!

THIS IS REALLY BAD NEWS.     We hoped the economy would improve with Trump’s tax reform, easing of regulations, etc., but this is bad for real estate, too. This means a lot of brick and mortar stores closing down and … Continue reading

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Liberal Companies…WHY?

So Trump’s tax cuts, etc., are really paying off for middle class Americans who work for companies like Apple, Starbucks, etc.  …very liberal-run companies. I’m wondering why they’re kind of supporting TRUMP’s economic outlook by giving cash to employees, building … Continue reading

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“Connoisseurs of Liberty”….wise words by George Will

HERE is an excellent piece by George Will, a speech he made lauding The Cato Institute.  I picked the following  paragraphs out because I thought it was so important to consider them as a cautionary tale, but I highly recommend … Continue reading

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Schools…..the fun never ends

What would you do if your child came home with THIS SURVEY?  They brought them home in Jerome, Idaho. It seems like a spy survey to me, irregardless of the sex questions which are even more egregious, in my opinion. … Continue reading

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Cuts in Federal Government

WHAT WOULD YOU CUT FIRST? And WHY?   And how would you handle whatever might need some funding even if federal funding is cut? Let’s talk! ??? Z

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US Family Average Debt and Expenses..?!!

HOLY COW, THIS ARTICLE has very interesting facts about credit card debt and expenses for Americans today compared to give or take 10 years ago. From the article:  “Although the economy is improving, wage growth is sluggish. As a result, … Continue reading

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We’re all hearing a lot about how even if jobs can come back, companies will use ROBOTS. I saw a story recently that McDonald’s is using touchscreens more and more instead of cashiers!  Who’s to say a robot can’t squirt … Continue reading

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