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Up to WHO??  So Broward County seems to have dropped the ball on school protection.   Our pal, Jersey Jack, brought THIS to my attention and I thought you ought to see it, too. Obviously, THIS really caught our eye: “The … Continue reading

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The IRS and their shutting down radical ideology. WHAT?

Well, well, WELL….isn’t THIS A GRAND IDEA?  The IRS could shut down radical ideology and that article shows how! FASCINATING…I hope you take the time to read it…it’s not long and it’s very worthy of consideration! Thoughts?!! Z

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DNA tests…..what did Elizabeth Warren start!??

A high school student I spoke to yesterday said her mother wants her to do a DNA test to see if they do indeed have Native American blood in them.  She said she wants to see if they can get … Continue reading

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GET A LOAD OF THIS!! Kids doing badly in school?   Simple solution;  Nix literacy tests for….(drumroll) TEACHERS! THOUGHTS?  WHERE IS BETSY DEVOS?!! Z

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GUNS continued…I found this astonishing..

Since we covered this morning’s GeeeZ post premise that the Russians really didn’t do anything specific to influence voters….and we’d switched to GUNS based on the piece I found where some loony psychiatric doctor says gun crimes have nothing to do … Continue reading

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America’s Left, the REAL FASCISTS?

THIS IS FASCINATING:    Dinesh D’Souza speaks on the truth behind Franklin D Roosevelt and Mussolini, the NAZIs, etc.   This video’s short, there are longer ones on YouTube you can bring up to watch and learn. Talk about a … Continue reading

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Does the government even really want our kids SMART?

This is kind of a “Twilight Zone” but I sometimes think we’re creating a country that could get used to it:  (AOW, I hope you find the time to watch this short piece…it’ll resonate with you, I’m sure)   THOUGHTS, … Continue reading

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Left v Right…changing status

In prior days, it was the Republicans who were in lockstep agreement.  Today they couldn’t be more fractured within the party. In prior days, it was the Democrats in disarray and now they are in total lockstep, never showing anything … Continue reading

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Students…..Up on politics or up on their teachers’ agendas?

Is THIS STORY really about the rights of students to peacefully protest even in this rather small way,  who’ve been congratulated by their school superintendent, who says “We are proud of all of our students, who exercised their rights and chose … Continue reading

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Ann Coulter at Berkeley? Or not.

THIS ARTICLE is about Ann Coulter’s cancelled visit to Berkeley and the Republican students who may be suing UC Berkeley for the school’s not allowing her to speak.  (She is saying now that she WILL go). Is the University using … Continue reading

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