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Something good…something not so good

GOOD:  I had never seen this picture nor had I heard the story behind it.    You probably have, but I had to post it just in case.   What a testament to man’s instincts to help another man! Here’s … Continue reading

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(thanks, Mustang) AND, I wanted to add something kind of nasty (I’m trying to turn over a new leaf and be less combative IF I keep the blog open, which I’m thinking about)….The thing I wanted to add was how … Continue reading

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Liberal Thinking?

THIS really bothered me’s Lena what’s-her-name (I won’t honor her by writing her name on my blog and having you have to read it) saying she wishes she’d had an abortion…. Someone approached her at a Planned Parenthood office and … Continue reading

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Oakland Fire….hideous malfeasance

I’m furious.  We’ve all been hearing about what’s being called the “Oakland warehouse fire”.  When I first heard about this, I wondered why the national news was covering one warehouse burning in Oakland, California.  Then we learned.  It turns out this building … Continue reading

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“Imp says: From a comment on April 6….. Well…for we “cons”….Conservatives…. The beatings will continue until morale improves.   Understood?” That’s a comment from Imp on my blog …  and it got me thinking.  I am really, really sad about the … Continue reading

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R&R….what’s yours?

I had a commenter Saturday say that he watches The Brady Bunch to get some relief from the insanity of news day in and day out.   I mentioned I sometimes watch I Love Lucy and even watch old Father Knows … Continue reading

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Planned Parenthood, Dolphins, and some questions for you… Greg Gutfeld’s style is not my favorite but he got it right on the Planned Parenthood penchant for selling baby fetus parts;   “What if they were DOLPHINS?” Imagine the outrage from liberals if anybody was harvesting and killing … Continue reading

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Black men attack Democrats….and attack WELL.

If this doesn’t touch you, I’m not sure much will.   Black men calling out the Democrats and their “Black leadership”.  Please, watch it …or don’t watch it, but SEND IT TO FAMILY AND FRIENDS.  Particularly your Black family and/or friends. … Continue reading

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Depression and Z…and seasons, and…whatever :-)

I have never had depression.  Actually, from the symptoms I’ve heard about, I MIGHT have had about 90 minutes of it once in Georgetown hours before Mr and Mrs Z flew to Munich for about 3 months.   I was sad, … Continue reading

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OKAY,   you will LOVE THIS! 🙂 I was trying to find something other than Megyn Kelly tonight;  I am TIRED of the “all the worst news, made WORST by Kelly, all the time” ….am sorry, because I think she can … Continue reading

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