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Ivanka’s insulted and Dad steps in…..And it’s been done BEFORE!

When President Harry Truman picked up his “Washington Post” early on December 6, 1950, to read a review of his daughter Margaret Truman’s singing performance, he was livid. Though conceding that Miss Truman was “extremely attractive,” Paul Hume, the “Post’s” … Continue reading

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Women’s March on Washington

So Gloria Steinem is going to co-chair the big Women’s March on Washington the day after Trump’s Inauguration.  The Chair is Harry Belafonte.  Here’s a quote from the short linked article: “The group said the march will serve as a … Continue reading

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Hillary’s emails

I told you the Clinton email question would go away in a couple of weeks. AND IT HAS.   Nothing sticks to the Left.  We just have to remember that. By the way, did you know this?  “The first question … Continue reading

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“American Sniper” blowing the box office away…….WHY?

We all know that any good film does pretty well in the box office on its opening, particularly if it gets some press beforehand.   But American Sniper, as Yahoo news’ article says, “… hit the bulls eye, earning an astonishing $90.2 … Continue reading

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Jefferson; the smartest guy in the White House?

The quotes here are fabulous and it’s a pity more people won’t read them, BUT (BUT!!) I also have a few questions at the bottom that might intrigue you into answering them….put your thinking caps on, remember your history, and … Continue reading

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Last night!! Bobby Shriver

Z was a little outspoken last night…oops! 🙂 Some of you know from yesterday’s post that I attended an event for Bobby Shriver last night.  Maria Shriver Schwarzenegger introduced her older brother and kind of “interviewed” him….making comments about him … Continue reading

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Ten Covenants of Courage

Find ways to influence the government in all its forms. Be willing to disobey [unjust government actions or the mandates of political correctness] [Be willing to accept the consequences of doing so] Take resolute and absolute pride in your own … Continue reading

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