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LISA PAGE…..Strzok’s lover…………

………..HERE is an article totally hypothesizing on how her testimony could change things for Strzok…for the worst. WHAT COULD SHE POSSIBLY SAY THAT WOULD INCRIMINATE HIM OR ANYBODY ELSE? So she probably had to admit that they both despised Trump … Continue reading

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The IG Report and the FBI….UPDATED!!! (see the BLUE)

From the Washington Examiner on the IG Report and the TEXTS exchanged by FBI employees:   This will fascinate you, I promise…. One text from Oct. 14, 2015, read, “And Martin O’Malley’s a douche.” O’Malley, a Democrat, served as the governor … Continue reading

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Is Kiriakou right, Mrs. Robinson?

THIS WILL GET YOUR BLOOD BOILING….don’t know if he’s telling the truth or not, but it makes sense to me.  On the other hand, THIS is interesting because he says he was arrested and convicted for having ‘exposed’ waterboarding, something … Continue reading

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Comey the gossip $$$

THIS ARTICLE BLEW MY MIND……Here are a few paragraphs from it: “Ex-FBI Director James Comey said “it’s possible” President Trump was with hookers “peeing on each other” in Moscow, according to excerpts of a new interview released Friday.” Z:  “it’s … Continue reading

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McCabe…… byeee….

WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THIS FIRING SO CLOSE TO RETIREMENT? Do you think the FBI will be blamed or Trump (since Sessions fired McCabe)?  I think we know the answer to this;  the news is all about SESSIONS firing … Continue reading

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Trump “freaks out?”

THIS IS A PERFECT EXAMPLE of media abuse to the American public. “TRUMP FREAKS OUT AFTER FBI CONFIRMS COMEY WROTE CLINTON EXONERATION LETTER!”   is the headline. Wait a MINUTE, says Z!  He “FREAKS OUT”?  But….the headline doesn’t include THE TRUTH…the … Continue reading

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Let’s just TWITTER HERE through the testimony with Comments! And please pray Trump DOES NOT!  I can’t THINK of anything more inappropriate than his tweeting away during this thing…. Please, Mr. Trump, dignity…wait……let America here what Comey has to say … Continue reading

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Nunes v Schiff and how Trump fits in

Sooo….you surely have heard about the mess created today regarding surveillance of Trump & Co.  OH, my gosh. I watched earlier today when Devin Nunes said there’s proof that Trump WAS surveilled, blah blah blah…I thought “Hallelujah!  Trump was RIGHT! … Continue reading

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I call it TRUMP AND COMEY in my subject line on this post, but I ought to say TRUMP VERSUS COMEY because, from the little I saw this morning, Comey is pretty definitive on anything Trump (or his people) may … Continue reading

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