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Comey the gossip $$$

THIS ARTICLE BLEW MY MIND……Here are a few paragraphs from it: “Ex-FBI Director James Comey said “it’s possible” President Trump was with hookers “peeing on each other” in Moscow, according to excerpts of a new interview released Friday.” Z:  “it’s … Continue reading

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McCabe…… byeee….

WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THIS FIRING SO CLOSE TO RETIREMENT? Do you think the FBI will be blamed or Trump (since Sessions fired McCabe)?  I think we know the answer to this;  the news is all about SESSIONS firing … Continue reading

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Trump “freaks out?”

THIS IS A PERFECT EXAMPLE of media abuse to the American public. “TRUMP FREAKS OUT AFTER FBI CONFIRMS COMEY WROTE CLINTON EXONERATION LETTER!”   is the headline. Wait a MINUTE, says Z!  He “FREAKS OUT”?  But….the headline doesn’t include THE TRUTH…the … Continue reading

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Let’s just TWITTER HERE through the testimony with Comments! And please pray Trump DOES NOT!  I can’t THINK of anything more inappropriate than his tweeting away during this thing…. Please, Mr. Trump, dignity…wait……let America here what Comey has to say … Continue reading

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Nunes v Schiff and how Trump fits in

Sooo….you surely have heard about the mess created today regarding surveillance of Trump & Co.  OH, my gosh. I watched earlier today when Devin Nunes said there’s proof that Trump WAS surveilled, blah blah blah…I thought “Hallelujah!  Trump was RIGHT! … Continue reading

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I call it TRUMP AND COMEY in my subject line on this post, but I ought to say TRUMP VERSUS COMEY because, from the little I saw this morning, Comey is pretty definitive on anything Trump (or his people) may … Continue reading

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