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MLK Jr DAY….but….really?

I’m a BIG old movie fan….black and white…Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Irene Dunne….Cary Grant, Edward G Robinson, etc…..BRING ‘EM ON!   I own a lot of them on DVD, but I certainly don’t own them all, and I like to watch … Continue reading

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Memorial Day from an Armenian’s point of view; (and some good news)

My mother subscribes me every year to an Armenian community newspaper here in the LA area, The Armenian Observer.  I found this article by an eighty year old Armenian woman, Mary Najarian.  I typed most of it here so we … Continue reading

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I just treated myself to watching The FBI Story in the midst of a very busy Saturday…my cat fell asleep on my lap and there I was….and I am SO glad I did. Jimmy Stewart plays the FBI agent who … Continue reading

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“American Sniper” blowing the box office away…….WHY?

We all know that any good film does pretty well in the box office on its opening, particularly if it gets some press beforehand.   But American Sniper, as Yahoo news’ article says, “… hit the bulls eye, earning an astonishing $90.2 … Continue reading

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