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Gay Wedding Cakes………make it yourself, please

SO…the baker who couldn’t make a gay wedding cake won today in the Supreme Court.  HE won, yes, but the case is far from settled. (See below***) I just heard this story from a guy who lives in Plano, TX … Continue reading

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One of my FAVORITE post questions repeated:

If you were on death row and tomorrow was your last day on earth………….. WHAT FOODS WOULD YOU ORDER?!  YOUR LAST MEAL! (and beverage) I LOVE this question and hope you respond! Z

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I WOULD VOTE FOR THIS GIRL IN A SPLIT SECOND…..SHE IS CHRISTINA HAGAN OF OHIO….MY HERO! “STOP ALL FOREIGN AID TO MEXICO…….?”     Well, let’s think about this: They send people here to live on us. They send people here … Continue reading

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Do you have a FAVORITE FOOD, or FOODS?  Or category of food, or favorite recipe you make?  Let’s talk FOOD!….

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BEER and the WHEEL…makes sense to me!

Beer and the Wheel The two most important events in all of history were the invention of beer and the invention of the wheel. Beer required grain and that was the beginning of agriculture. Neither the glass bottle nor aluminum … Continue reading

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Government bullying…Ya THINK? :-)

Government scientists bullied for exposing GMO secrets NOVEMBER 27, 2015   By Jenny Thompson, Director, Health Sciences Institute Is our government treating its own scientists like terrorists? For years researchers at federal agencies like the FDA and USDA have warned that they’re being … Continue reading

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Red Cups…..big DEAL?

THIS STUFF BUGS ME SO MUCH……..does it you?   So Starbucks has plain red cups this year for the Christmas (okay…some might prefer I say HOLIDAY) Season.   I’ll never say Happy Holidays…EVER.   Yes, Christians are complaining because the … Continue reading

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Whites telling TRUTH?…..ruhroh

White Appreciation Day?  What do you think?   Here are the first few paragraphs from that link: Edgar Antillon had no idea the sort of firestorm that the simple, handwritten signs he was posting on Saturday in his Milliken, Colorado, restaurant … Continue reading

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Hamburger Day

This ought to be a post at my Food blog, but what the heck….we political animals need FUN, too, right?   HERE is one of THE BEST articles on good hamburgers ever;  they mention several hamburger places across the country … Continue reading

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Food Stamps: Work? WORK FOR THEM?

I find this important enough to blog today because it’s exactly what is going to have to happen when Republicans take over the presidency;  there is no other way that America can survive than to get people off the government … Continue reading

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