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YOU JUST CAN’T MAKE THIS UP.…….NOW THE LEFTWING HOLLYWOOD BUNCH IS MAKING A FILM ABOUT RUPERT MURDOCH AND FOX. Think anything good will be said?! 🙂 Here’s a great paragraph! “The currently untitled movie focuses on Ailes’ downfall, zeroing in … Continue reading

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Rumor, Hate…and zero facts….Just trust him: “FOX is doing a great disservice to our country”

I HAVE NOTHING TO SAY ABOUT THIS BECAUSE ANYTHING I SAID ISN’T FITTING MY BLOG.  It makes me sad, humiliated, it makes me disgusted, it makes me angry, it makes me ask “Can you give specifics?  WHO at FOX says … Continue reading

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FOX folks are falling…

… Laura Ingraham is “on vacation” from FOX because advertisers (See list below) pulled ads off her show…all because of something she said that the left didn’t like.  A punk teenager got offended and that’s that.   Think she’ll come back?  … Continue reading

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Hear about Ralph Peters?

HAVE YOU SEE THIS? “NEW YORK — A military analyst for Fox News said Tuesday that he was quitting the network because he believed it had turned into a propaganda machine for President Donald Trump’s administration. Ralph Peters, a retired U.S. … Continue reading

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FOX IS CHANGING……….faster lately…

FOX is changing…..Richard Fowler, Juan Williams, Jessica Tarlov, etc etc. Yes, liberals laugh at FOX for being rampantly biased…but if they ever take the time to examine CNN for only 15 minutes, they’d (and you’d) see there are either absolutely … Continue reading

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MSNBC…….news that could be worth considering;

Greta’s GONE from MSNBC. Her ratings were low, particularly since MSNBC’s ratings have been climbing since Trump came into office.   From another article: “Though 2017 is pacing to be another record-breaker for the cable news networks, with MSNBC seeing … Continue reading

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Bob Beckel…and FOX

So Bob Beckel’s fired again.  HERE is the article from San Francisco’s point of view for those of you who won’t click on a Yahoo link.  (aren’t I nice to do this?  :-))He apparently got angry because a computer guy … Continue reading

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O’Reilly’s back….?

…….sort of. HERE is link to O’Reilly’s ‘new video show’…or whatever it is….Very tinny, very amateurish, very bad audio with no video….that’s what he’s been relegated to. My gut feeling is, as he says right at the start of it, he’s working … Continue reading

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Maddow’s ratings now better than FOX’s….

HAVE YOU SEEN THIS?     Here’s part of the story in that link: “Maddow’s surge is being fueled partly by her day-in, day-out criticism of the Trump administration. There is an increased appetite for the liberal arguments she has been … Continue reading

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FOX NEWS…… decide

Give me your morning to night schedule of who and what you’d like FOX to have on any week day.  You can include The Five, Carlson, Outnumbered, Bret Baier..Cavuto…..ANY of those shows, in any time schedule you’d like  OR with … Continue reading

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