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Gay Wedding Cakes………make it yourself, please

SO…the baker who couldn’t make a gay wedding cake won today in the Supreme Court.  HE won, yes, but the case is far from settled. (See below***) I just heard this story from a guy who lives in Plano, TX … Continue reading

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Trump and gays………..what?

THIS ARTICLE is so amazing I had to print it here… Since when has Trump threatened gays?    Did YOU know that the “..Justice Department has said the 1964 Civil Rights Act doesn’t prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation.”?    What? … Continue reading

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 You will NOT BELIEVE THIS…….. Tell me how you think a girl kitty suddenly displays evidence that she wants to be a BOY kitty, please …. does a boy dog bark differently if it suddenly decides it’s a girl?  One … Continue reading

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Chadwick Moore; You have GUTS

I FOUND THIS SO REASSURING AND EXCITING TO READ AND HOPE YOU DO, TOO!  ADD-ON: *I posted this 2 days ago but he was on Carlson last night;  did you see him?  Very articulate and charming… He says: “When I … Continue reading

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