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Merkel and Trump…”shocked!?”

“Chancellor Angela Merkel took President Donald Trump to task before an audience of senior security officials in Munich, calling his administration’s suggestion that European autos are a threat to U.S. national security a “shock.”*** In a pointed defense of multilateral … Continue reading

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Germany’s Appreciation….THANK YOU, AMERICA

I got this email yesterday and had to share it with you.  Might be short for a post, but it packs a big wallop for me!   Here is gratitude, here is remembering history as it was by someone who lived … Continue reading

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Some of us saw articles saying that German crime is DOWN since immigration became so rampant….For example: So, I emailed my Munich-dwelling German stepson about it and he responded;  I felt you’d like to know: They can say what they like, … Continue reading

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“Lest we forget..” doesn’t work very often….

Thanks, CC…..   Z

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Thanks to those of you who commented on my German Murder post yesterday;  BUT you will NOT want to miss the information just below here that my stepson translated from Facebook today! (From a left leaning, very highly read magazine): … Continue reading

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Any HOPE? American and German educations…

My German student has moved in…amazing, wonderful 15 year old…smart beyond his years…except:  You should hear what German teachers are teaching the children, some of which includes:     Trump is awful and appeals to dumb Americans…this, German teachers learn from … Continue reading

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Harvey and the Left…and a bit more you’ll like!

We have already seen Melania Trump slammed by the Left for having worn high heels from the White House to the plane to Texas yesterday.   They spoke too soon, tweeting things like “Does she know where she’s going wearing … Continue reading

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GERMANY and Islam

My German stepson just told me that since the Barcelona attack, the German candidates for Chancellor (elections are soon) have been told not to mention BARCELONA.  God forbid it makes muslims feel bad, right?  Of course, the candidate from the … Continue reading

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Bavaria and Immigration, 2009 You will be stunned

Mr. Z wrote this exactly four weeks before he died in 2009.   When you read his description of what his native Germany was doing to combat Islamists in their country, you’ll be surprised and realize that the threat to … Continue reading

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Trump’s Fault? Fault or SUCCESS!??

I don’t know about you but this liberal Trump-hating writer really cooked his own goose. Trying to make Trump look as bad as possible, he writes THIS PIECE I was cheering through as I read! Merkel is a monster for Germany … Continue reading

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