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“DEEP STATE”…..WHO? …what?

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?   Does this ‘insider’ mean WITHIN the White House?  Or just around town in important positions?    “Deep State”?   WHERE and WHO ?   We know HOW, we see it day in and day out. Please read the … Continue reading

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We’ve been thrown under the OMNIBUS

So, there’s nowhere to go to hear any news anymore…….FOX’s folks are doing nothing but slam Trump for this bill.  Carlson, Ingraham, etc……Oh, my GOSH.  It’s all ANTI REPUBLICAN….which I get, but which depresses me.  As my blog post said … Continue reading

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Educate me…dig deep into history

Can anybody here remind us of a time when Democrats fought hard PUBLICLY with Obama on anything he was pushing agenda-wise?  Or a time when Democrats fought hard and PUBLICLY against fellow Democrats on any bills, any actions, anything there … Continue reading

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Hopkins is gone….who’s next?

OH, they found SOMETHING …. she’s quitting!    The Muslims win again! Katie Hopkins, the Gert Wilders of England, tweeted “… Do not be a part of the problem. We need a final solution #Machester [sic].”” OH MY GOSH!!!!  HELL … Continue reading

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Susan Rice….WHAT?

Susan Rice won’t testify at the Senate Hearings.   She’s decided she shouldn’t.  I didn’t know you could do that.  Odd.  I’d have thought these ‘invitations’ are kind of a subpoena, but apparently not. Basically, she said “No, thanks….I don’t … Continue reading

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Cuts in Federal Government

WHAT WOULD YOU CUT FIRST? And WHY?   And how would you handle whatever might need some funding even if federal funding is cut? Let’s talk! ??? Z

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Not the Russians! THE DNC? yup

Has any of you heard about THIS?   I watch a LOT OF NEWS, and  I hadn’t heard a thing.  HERE is even MORE on the subject….This could be one of THE biggest stories ever…. Can you imagine? So…it occurred to me … Continue reading

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Resistance? Shadow? Which type of Government is this jerk planning?

IS THIS NUTS?   “Shadow Government?”  that’s a misnomer;  I’d call it a “Resistance Government.” PLEASE tell me what you think………   Z

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Sen Warren is SHUT DOWN

NEED I ASK WHAT YOU THOUGHT OF THIS?   HA!!! Good or bad idea for McConnell to shut the woman Democrat senator UP? Thoughts!? Z

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Congressional Reports….WHAT A BOON FOR US! Will Republicans have the guts?

 A GOP Regulatory Game Changer  (Z: WAIT till you read this! The red gives highlights enough to understand it!…compliments of ME!) Legal experts say that Congress can overrule Obama regulations going back to 2009. By Kimberley A. Strassel  Todd Gaziano on … Continue reading

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