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Sunday Faith Blog EASTER!

Before I mention Easter below, I’d like to ask you all for a favor I know you’ll be happy to supply; Our good buddy, Imp, has been facing serious health challenges and I’d like you to pray for his patience, … Continue reading

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Mustang’s Crazies:

The Crazies by Mustang When flake Tony Blair became Prime Minister, he brought with him to Downing Street Dr. Sir David King, another of Blair’s ilk) to advise him in matters of science.  King was convinced that emissions from gasoline … Continue reading

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Health insurance in bygone days was HEALTHIER!

Our terrific commenter and friend, Mal, wrote this in a Comment on Friday and I wanted to share it with all of you who didn’t see it.  We were talking health care and, finally, in a response to FB, who said … Continue reading

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So, I get that there are big differences between Conservatives on the new Trump Healthcare bill.   Some of us feel differently than others do…  Paul Ryan’s been made to be the bad guy (as usual) and it was gratifying, … Continue reading

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Presiding over Obama Care….after all those promises?

Trump promised to REPLACE…then he went to REPEAL…there were months and months of “GET RID OF OBAMACARE FIRST ON THE AGENDA IF I WIN!” Suddenly, he won and they’re saying “maybe next year…” This is the kind of situation America … Continue reading

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Hillary’s Health

THIS STORY ABOUT HILLARY’S HEALTH makes sense….There’s certainly something odd going on, isn’t there?  And this isn’t written by a Conservative, it’s Rick Klein for ABC! Hillary waited at the curb for her van, secret service and staff all around, one … Continue reading

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Medical Insurance and US

I just hung up the phone with a friend whose sister is ill….with no diagnosis and, apparently, little hope of a diagnosis or significant pain control or other help…negligent help all because she had to resort to Medical and the … Continue reading

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The BATHROOM situation…

This is a perfect illustration of AOW’s excellent post and comments at HER BLOG!

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Words to live by….and live longer by

“The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.”  William James I think we should all think about this….Excellent. And, of course, one could say it’s rooted in The Bible…. “Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever … Continue reading

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Planned Parenthood Toxicity…….

I read the piece in italics below HERE, and saw it in many other places, and it really got me wondering, particularly when Howie Kurtz on MediaBuzz repeated the rhetoric yesterday: “While many Republican presidential candidates have condemned the shooting at a … Continue reading

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