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CNN: Now they even lie to future inhabitants of America……..?

CNN’s guy in Central America ran a video the other day….“I told these men trying to come to America for safety and a future that our president thinks they’re criminals and terrorists…. here’s their response….” Response from a Central American … Continue reading

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Due Process? RIGHTS? for who?

I can’t imagine people who break the law to come here have rights. Please cite (thanks, BB!) where that is in the Constitution….I really want to know, and I know many experts do believe it’s there. And do you think … Continue reading

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Mexican LEGAL…this story cost me $400, but….

….it’s one I HAD TO SHARE WITH YOU and I think the price is cheap considering how happy this guy made me! I won’t go into boring plumbing details, but suffice it to say my usual plumber couldn’t come so … Continue reading

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WE are to blame for her death? WHAT?

Interesting bit of stupidity here….I thought I’d print the article, it’s not long, and put in my interjections and ask you what you think: By Sofia Menchu GUATEMALA CITY (Reuters) – The family of a 19-year-old Guatemalan woman killed by … Continue reading

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I WOULD VOTE FOR THIS GIRL IN A SPLIT SECOND…..SHE IS CHRISTINA HAGAN OF OHIO….MY HERO! “STOP ALL FOREIGN AID TO MEXICO…….?”     Well, let’s think about this: They send people here to live on us. They send people here … Continue reading

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If only Mexicans understood that…

We do NOT hate Mexicans no matter what the PC crowd tells them; we are a nation of laws and allowing illegals to sneak into America is nowhere in our Constitution, Bill of Rights or Declaration of Independence, no matter … Continue reading

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On Valentine’s Day, a LOVE LETTER to AMERICA…

I think a lot of us have seen this before, but it’s worth seeing again.  Thanks to CC for emailing it to me: VIETNAMESE IMMIGRANT — Well Done. The difference between legal and illegal. This is something everyone in America … Continue reading

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This really says it all about most illegal immigrants:

I can’t stand the way illegals wave their flags here and make demands….what the..??  What NERVE.   What country would allow this but us?  GAD.   And someone sent me this image and I thought “Well, if THIS doesn’t say it all!” … Continue reading

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DIGNITY: What do YOU think?

“For them, dignity isn’t something you’re born with but something you measure.”   Joe Kennedy in his rebuttal the other night. Is dignity something we are BORN WITH or do we CULTIVATE IT?   Are Republicans stripping dignity away from illegal immigrants … Continue reading

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Liberal Companies…WHY?

So Trump’s tax cuts, etc., are really paying off for middle class Americans who work for companies like Apple, Starbucks, etc.  …very liberal-run companies. I’m wondering why they’re kind of supporting TRUMP’s economic outlook by giving cash to employees, building … Continue reading

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