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Robt Mueller….Fire him? I said no the other day, but….??

HERE is an article about Gingrich’s point of view regarding the team Mueller is putting together in his investigation of Trump and  others regarding all things Russian. HERE is another article. And some would call me too ideological to think … Continue reading

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Inside Comey’s Brain……..AND that of GINGRICH! SCROLL DOWN!

In his testimony Thursday, former FBI Director James Comey’s statement about leaking information of private conversations he had with President Donald Trump revealed the special counsel investigation led by Robert Mueller was “poisoned fruit,” stated former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. … Continue reading

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Comey lied at least here…

It’s not so much that he got the wrong date, but what he said hinged heavily on that date… THOUGHTS? It’s almost funny to look at Leftwing Comments pages and Rightwing Comments pages on the same stories! DO YOU THINK … Continue reading

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Trump and Russia and our Intel….not good

Did Trump ask anybody to stifle evidence of Russian collusion?  Most people think there was no collusion, including bigwigs in Intel, but some are saying “not so fast.” Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats declined to comment Tuesday on the … Continue reading

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Who wins? Let’s talk…..CNN called Comey’s firing “The most GROSS misuse of power of any democracy..”  The media’s outraged.  Some Republicans are outraged because, again, the White House “forgot” to TELL THE CHAIRMAN OF THE INTEL COMMITTEE!! I’d have thought … Continue reading

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CIA knew earlier about Russia

SO….if THIS IS TRUE, why didn’t they come forward?  What am I missing? Z

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Nunes v Schiff and how Trump fits in

Sooo….you surely have heard about the mess created today regarding surveillance of Trump & Co.  OH, my gosh. I watched earlier today when Devin Nunes said there’s proof that Trump WAS surveilled, blah blah blah…I thought “Hallelujah!  Trump was RIGHT! … Continue reading

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Obama and Wiretapping and a very interesting tidbit…

Everybody’s screeching about the FISA Court and the FBI and Obama and Trump, etc etc. My question is this:  Could Obama, or the DNC along with him, have privately had special highly-paid people wiretap Trump’s offices themselves, no FBI, no … Continue reading

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VERY troubling information from FOX on Flynn and the Administration?

What do you think of THIS?  The Left’s going to REALLY go to town over it. The worst that can happen is Trump is lying, Pence is lying and they’re both impeached because whatever Flynn apparently relayed to them is hot … Continue reading

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