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Trump’s BEST….

What would you say is THE BEST THING TRUMP’S DONE TO DATE, as President? I’d love to hear…… Let’s talk about happy, good things for a change, huh? Z

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Health insurance in bygone days was HEALTHIER!

Our terrific commenter and friend, Mal, wrote this in a Comment on Friday and I wanted to share it with all of you who didn’t see it.  We were talking health care and, finally, in a response to FB, who said … Continue reading

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POSTCARDS and MOVIES…chime in!

I received this in email form yesterday and already got an email from a friend saying she’s now written 14 postcards!   I think encouragement is always a good thing and don’t see a downside to sending a postcard, or … Continue reading

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Marching…in lockstep…to Soros’ tune? Who’s fascist?

HERE is quite an article, BY A MUSLIM AMERICAN WOMAN, about the Women’s March.   I promise you’ll want to read what she’s written. Soros…….Soros………..Soros………..the swine. Check this out…I WISH our media was honest enough to provide information they know … Continue reading

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Bill Clinton said THIS first!??

Well, well….here’s a video all of America should see…their hero Bill Clinton saying pretty much everything Trump’s saying today but being hated for, even being called ‘racist’ for. Clinton 1995 immigration SOTU | User Clip | Thanks to Mal, … Continue reading

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(thanks, Mustang) AND, I wanted to add something kind of nasty (I’m trying to turn over a new leaf and be less combative IF I keep the blog open, which I’m thinking about)….The thing I wanted to add was how … Continue reading

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Celebrating Imp AND YOU!

I wish a very happy birthday to our friend/commenter IMP!  I hope you have a wonderful day! ALSO: I want to take this opportunity today to honor him and all my GeeeZ readers!   Thanks for being here, for reading, … Continue reading

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Muslims on the French Priest’s slaying……AND A BIG ADDENDUM YOU WILL WANT TO SEE!!!

We need a LOT more of THIS….I know most of you totally disagree with me but, in my pretty learned opinion (I’ve lived in Germany and France and have friends and relatives in both so I pay a ton of … Continue reading

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Could you do THIS? Or WOULD you?

HERE is the article about a glass slide outside a VERY VERY tall building in Los Angeles.  The slide is outside the 70th floor of the building! So, would you do it?  The link has a video that makes it … Continue reading

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Mexican workers get it!

Most of you have read how I talked to two Hispanic check-out clerks at two separate grocery stores in the last six-eight months or so, saying to them “Man, I bought NOTHING and it’s $100!”   Both of them said … Continue reading

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