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Jeff Sessions’ session with the Senate

I’ve been really hard on Sessions…always.  Was NOT pleased with Trump’s picking him for AG. I’ve pretty much changed my mind;  I have had the hearings on as I’ve been doing stuff around here and I’m impressed with his articulation, … Continue reading

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Voter Law Struck DOWN….very bad news

The judge struck down the good Wisconsin voter ID laws because it ‘favors Republicans’ because he says it disenfranchises Blacks and Hispanics? Have we sunk that low that a judge can say he feels more Blacks and Hispanics vote Democrat … Continue reading

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“America needs your vote” By Donald Trump (with a little help from Z)

Dear Americans, Your country needs your vote for me and the fantastic Mike Pence.  Your country needs two people at the helm who care about her, care about her constitution, and care about you and your family. Your country deserves … Continue reading

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Giving ORDERS to Obama and Lynch?

Did you hear or see THIS STORY?      This Judge ROCKS! Texas Federal Judge Humiliates Obama & Loretta Lynch, Demands Ethics Classes May 21, 2016 WASHINGTON — A federal judge in Texas on Thursday excoriated the Justice Department, demanding … Continue reading

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