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Obama and Wiretapping and a very interesting tidbit…

Everybody’s screeching about the FISA Court and the FBI and Obama and Trump, etc etc. My question is this:  Could Obama, or the DNC along with him, have privately had special highly-paid people wiretap Trump’s offices themselves, no FBI, no … Continue reading

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Congressional Reports….WHAT A BOON FOR US! Will Republicans have the guts?

 A GOP Regulatory Game Changer  (Z: WAIT till you read this! The red gives highlights enough to understand it!…compliments of ME!) Legal experts say that Congress can overrule Obama regulations going back to 2009. By Kimberley A. Strassel  Todd Gaziano on … Continue reading

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Please, bloggers, post on Thursday and Friday to please pray that all goes safely and well at the Inauguration Friday…and especially during the parade, which I don’t think any presidential couple ought to walk in anymore with the kinds of … Continue reading

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Oakland Fire….hideous malfeasance

I’m furious.  We’ve all been hearing about what’s being called the “Oakland warehouse fire”.  When I first heard about this, I wondered why the national news was covering one warehouse burning in Oakland, California.  Then we learned.  It turns out this building … Continue reading

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Kaepernick’s stance

Ya, this probably takes a little guts to post, but I sometimes find guts in me I wasn’t sure were there, and it often has to do with the subject of race because I am passionate about it. I look … Continue reading

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Real News from Germany regarding invaders:

Here’s a recent email from my stepson in Munich which we should all read and be aware of: “Situations are getting worse every day. The numbers of women and kids attacked and molested in public pools and on the street … Continue reading

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Reagan and BLM

How do you think Ronald Reagan would have handled the Black Lives Matter movement?  Or how people are distrustful of the police and police are so understandably nervous about doing their jobs?  What do you think he would have said … Continue reading

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David O. Brown, Chief of Police, Dallas, TX

I’m going to send a note of appreciation to Police Chief David O. Brown of Dallas.   I just called to find out his exact address (Dallas Police has about six large buildings) and told the receptionist thanks for her help … Continue reading

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Hillary; what will happen?


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Scrubbing Important Information

I almost never watch Hannity anymore;  I can’t take him.  But, last night, I saw a few minutes of an astonishing interview with a former CIA guy named Philip Haney, who worked for years amassing information on people the CIA … Continue reading

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