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Yes, yes, I know….some of you don’t think the Left’s winning. ¬†I congratulate you and would love the name of your Rose Colored Glasses store ūüôā ¬†¬†(Do I see glimmers of hope, yes I do, but at this point? ¬†they’re … Continue reading

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EVERY woman’s gone through this……

¬† ¬† I’d be very surprised if every woman reading this, and every woman you know, hasn’t had a man in even a business situation, someone she’s met and sees again, approach her and kiss her on the cheek ….. … Continue reading

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Something good…something not so good

GOOD: ¬†I had never seen this picture nor had I heard the story behind it. ¬† ¬†You probably have, but I had to post it just in case. ¬† What a testament to man’s instincts to help another man! Here’s … Continue reading

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America’s Left, the REAL FASCISTS?

THIS IS FASCINATING: ¬†¬† Dinesh D’Souza speaks on the truth behind Franklin D Roosevelt and Mussolini, the NAZIs, etc. ¬† This video’s short, there are longer ones on YouTube you can bring up to watch and learn. Talk about a … Continue reading

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The Land That Made Me Me…..

1950’s version of an E-Mail….I have no idea who put this together, but it is fun…and true!! ¬† And I have a question at the end of it….. Long ago and far away, in a land that time forgot, Before … Continue reading

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JAIL or……………WHAT??

THIS FASCINATED ME!!! ¬† A Judge is offering shortened terms if the inmate has a vasectomy! ¬† Or birth control implants… What do you think of this?! ¬†Legal? ¬†Ethical? ¬†Good idea to prevent kids coming into the world with a … Continue reading

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Trump, Sessions….contemptible?

Sessions has been on Trump’s side since early days of the campaign. ¬†Total loyalty. ¬†In June of this year, Sessions offered to resign because he knew Trump didn’t like him recusing himself. ¬† ¬†Instead, Trump waited a month and insulted … Continue reading

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Griffin is a VICTIM!?

KATHY GRIFFIN has completely ¬†blown my mind. ¬†SHE is the one who did the picture. SHE is the one who brought this upon herself. ¬†Yet… ¬†She’s so upset that the Trumps are ‘breaking her’….it’s another “WHITE MAN” attack on her? … Continue reading

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Bias….it’s okay if Obama did it, RIGHT?

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It might be that the Comey memos do Mr. Trump in, finally. ¬†Did he ask Comey the things Comey says he asked? ¬†Why didn’t Comey come forward back when these things happened? ¬†Comey keeps copious notes….can he make them up … Continue reading

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