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Anything YOU want to say today?


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….what’s your definition and what makes YOU the most happy!? Z  

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DIGNITY: What do YOU think?

“For them, dignity isn’t something you’re born with but something you measure.”   Joe Kennedy in his rebuttal the other night. Is dignity something we are BORN WITH or do we CULTIVATE IT?   Are Republicans stripping dignity away from illegal immigrants … Continue reading

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HOW TO STAY WITH IT: Please add to the question at the bottom as a gift to ME today!

A FRIEND SENT ME THIS FOR MY BIRTHDAY TODAY;  HOW TO STAY YOUNG  (My ‘Young’ boat has sailed, so I’d call this HOW TO STAY WITH IT!)   Please read till the bottom where I ask you a question! 1. Throw … Continue reading

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New Site

THIS IS AN INTERESTING NEW SITE FOR NEWS THAT’S FROM BOTH SIDES BUT PRETTY FAIRLY BALANCED AND INTERESTING…..I have only seen one day of it but it looks extremely comprehensive and easy to navigate. Check it out and let me … Continue reading

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So what is the story??

I’m hoping that some of you read THIS ARTICLE….. Please notice that even at FOX the onus seems to be on WashPo journalist Janell Ross and not ON THE ACTUAL SITUATION!! This paragraph is pretty funny: “We’ve only now learned … Continue reading

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ANOTHER “Just one MORE thing…” Back by popular demand :-)

Just one more thing on the Muslim Refugees. If Muslims want to run away from a Muslim country, does that mean they’re Islamophobic? Just one more thing on The Women’s March. If Liberals don’t believe in biological gender then why … Continue reading

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“ONE more thing….”

These are really worth pondering: Just one more thing on ObamaCare Repeal. Since only 8 million people have ObamaCare, how will 24 million people die if it is repealed? Will 16 million people be randomly shot? Just one more thing … Continue reading

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I could watch this 24/7…Minorities telling the Los Angeles City Council “listen UP! We’re Americans…illegals aren’t!”

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Trump and Victims’ families

Mrs. Johnson, the widow of the Black soldier so sadly killed in Niger, is being lured into the news cycle by ABC and other venues which should honestly be ashamed of themselves.  She still insists Trump didn’t know her husband’s … Continue reading

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