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So, there’s THIS……..and there’s THIS Most people think that these facts don’t jive, don’t belong together..“Z, why’d you publish these together as if there’s some connection?” I think there IS some connection;  I think the Trump numbers are rubbish.   … Continue reading

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Pass these on to younger folks you know!

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did… a favorite?  WHY? 1. The most important person in your life is the person who agreed to share their life with you. Treat them as such. 2. You might live … Continue reading

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Obama’s Legacy

Can you honestly think of ONE GOOD THING OBAMA’S DONE?   Let’s try not to be partisan and give him some credit.  (I will now duck your rotten tomatoes and let you take over 🙂 !! A couple of other things … Continue reading

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Megyn Kelly…as John McLaughlin used to say “bu byyyy”

Megyn Kelly’s leaving FOX for NBC.   I would have been SO disappointed a year ago.  But not today. “Her net worth is $ 15 million; she draws a reportedly impressive base salary of $270,000, taking her annual package to … Continue reading

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In the car yesterday, a fire truck was screaming up the street, sirens blaring, coming my way on a four-lane street, the busiest in L.A., Wilshire Blvd. Everyone in all lanes pulled as far to their right as they could, … Continue reading

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READ THIS THROUGH…and tell us what you think: Trump doesn’t get daily briefings because he says he’s “Smart” but they say Pence does get them.  Personally, I think that’s enough. I don’t think he’s that smart, but let Pence find … Continue reading

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The LEFT: Oh, what a tangled web they weave….

MY GOODNESS!   Think about it; NBC…..home of THE APPRENTICE,  which has said it wouldn’t mind Donald Trump staying as Executive Producer. NBC….which threatened Mika Brzezinski’s job because she said that the Hillary campaign better not be too sure of … Continue reading

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General Petraeus and “her”..

I found THIS ODD….The woman, Broadwell, with whom General Petraeus had an affair, is very suddenly coming forward “to get her life back.” Why NOW?  “It’s a bit of a shocker to know he’s being considered for a cabinet position … Continue reading

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Oakland Fire….hideous malfeasance

I’m furious.  We’ve all been hearing about what’s being called the “Oakland warehouse fire”.  When I first heard about this, I wondered why the national news was covering one warehouse burning in Oakland, California.  Then we learned.  It turns out this building … Continue reading

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This personifies my blog’s work: FOR TRUTH IN MEDIA

THOUGHTS? Thanks, Ray, my good buddy. XX

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