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Evan Douglas Sayet is a comedian and conservative speaker. He is the nation’s leading conservative speaker, an in-demand Master of Ceremony for Republican events. Sayet is the author of The Kinder Garden Of Eden: How The Modern Liberal Thinks And … Continue reading

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HISTORY is part of any country…at least I THOUGHT SO!

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?   So HUCKLEBERRY FINN is out,  TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD is out, and do NOT mention the name of LAURA INGALLS WILDER in any award because she racist!?? No context, no history………Just ERASE ERASE ERASE!!   SOMEONE might … Continue reading

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“Lest we forget..” doesn’t work very often….

Thanks, CC…..   Z

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Good JUNE News!

It’s JUNE!   I wonder if any of you can give us a bit of GOOD NEWS?   It can be personal (My sis is having a baby!?  or  I finally got a job!) or political (The governor of my state won’t … Continue reading

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Conservatives ALMOST got a chance….but, as usual…

We ALMOST got a show as popular as ROSEANNE to show OUR side, to have it reasonably discussed, to have our values exposed with good humor and intelligence.  (thank goodness LAST MAN STANDING is going back on the air…until someone … Continue reading

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HATE: Football, children and our country……..

I would personally drop-kick any person who didn’t stand for our national anthem, football player or not. I believe the fact that MONEY is probably behind the NFL’s sudden new rule (they didn’t do well last year due to the … Continue reading

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Don’t blame US…!!!

Since most of us are a bit over 55 (right?), I got this email and thought I’d share it:    Senior citizens (at least white, male ones) are constantly being criticized for every conceivable deficiency of the modern world, real … Continue reading

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Nice stories need to be told…….

Finally, a REALLY NICE STORY!  Though kind of embarrassing for her son! Sure, the mother might be awful, and that’s why her son ignored Mother’s Day….but these waitresses (pardon me, “people on the wait staff”) did do the right thing! … Continue reading

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Jeff Foxworthy IS worthy…of political office!

Thought for the day by Jeff Foxworthy.  (Z:  do you have a favorite that rankles you the most?) If plastic water bottles are okay, but plastic bags are banned, — you might live in a nation (state) that was founded … Continue reading

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Do you agree, whether you were born way back then or not?

CHILDREN OF THE GREATEST GENERATION (and their children – so they will understand) Born in the 1930s and early 40s, we exist as a very special age cohort. We are the Silent Generation. We are the smallest number of children … Continue reading

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