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Super Bowl Ad….Giving the finger to Trump

I watched the Super Bowl, but the ads, to me, were dull so I watched other shows during the commercial time…(thank goodness for remotes!).   The game, to me, was dull, too.  And the L.A. Rams lost.   But, I’m a Brady … Continue reading

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Scaramucci thinks he’s good at PR? REALLY?

THIS STORY AMAZED ME:  “President Trump’s former communications director Anthony Scaramucci said his attempts last year to improve “eWhite House’s relations with the press failed because “the fish does stink from the head down.” “I strongly disagree with the president’s … Continue reading

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“DEEP STATE”…..WHO? …what?

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?   Does this ‘insider’ mean WITHIN the White House?  Or just around town in important positions?    “Deep State”?   WHERE and WHO ?   We know HOW, we see it day in and day out. Please read the … Continue reading

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Hope Springs Eternal……no matter what some say

Oh, my!  Omarosa thinks TRUMP HIRED HOPE HICKS BECAUSE SHE’S PRETTY !! Actually, Omarosa doesn’t just THINK it, she’s SAYING IT……..BUT………oops!: HERE IS WHAT MANY THINK OF HOPE HICKS…Sorry, Omarosa, go lick your wounds somewhere else.  You could never be … Continue reading

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Press Conferences and THE MEDIA….HURRAH!

For years and years, I’ve cringed when the media, Left or Right, has screamed inappropriate questions to our American president after he and his foreign guest have done their talking and open it up to media questions.   With Clinton, it … Continue reading

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First;  SOROS…a friend sent an amazing article about him.  Not sure you can open this because it’s NEW YORK TIMES, membership, but I Googled around and THINK I caught it THIS WAY.  If you are at all interested in Soros, … Continue reading

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Trump Appointments……..wassup?

So now Scott Pruitt is gone.   He did a pretty good job with getting rid of regulations, etc.  But, MAN, did he get a LOT said about him, like that he’d asked for a $200K job for his wife, he … Continue reading

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Some of us saw articles saying that German crime is DOWN since immigration became so rampant….For example: So, I emailed my Munich-dwelling German stepson about it and he responded;  I felt you’d like to know: They can say what they like, … Continue reading

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I believe John Kelly is right…

…and I believe those statistics are RUBBISH about 44% of immigrants speaking good English.  Not the illegals I hear around here, believe me.  He also says immigrants “don’t have skills.”  When you come from a poor village in Mexico and … Continue reading

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Yet another PERFECT liberal bias example too good not to post:

I RAN ACROSS THIS ARTICLE and thought there couldn’t be a better example of ridiculous liberal, Trump-hating BIAS so I had to share it. This is the headline: Don Jr. Wants to Know Estranged Wife Vanessa’s Net Worth After She … Continue reading

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