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Trump Appointments……..wassup?

So now Scott Pruitt is gone.   He did a pretty good job with getting rid of regulations, etc.  But, MAN, did he get a LOT said about him, like that he’d asked for a $200K job for his wife, he … Continue reading

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Some of us saw articles saying that German crime is DOWN since immigration became so rampant….For example: So, I emailed my Munich-dwelling German stepson about it and he responded;  I felt you’d like to know: They can say what they like, … Continue reading

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I believe John Kelly is right…

…and I believe those statistics are RUBBISH about 44% of immigrants speaking good English.  Not the illegals I hear around here, believe me.  He also says immigrants “don’t have skills.”  When you come from a poor village in Mexico and … Continue reading

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Yet another PERFECT liberal bias example too good not to post:

I RAN ACROSS THIS ARTICLE and thought there couldn’t be a better example of ridiculous liberal, Trump-hating BIAS so I had to share it. This is the headline: Don Jr. Wants to Know Estranged Wife Vanessa’s Net Worth After She … Continue reading

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Dr. Sowell is retiring….I will miss him greatly

THANK YOU, DR. SOWELL.   We will miss you, but at 86, we understand your finally putting down your pen.   And you will be read for years to come.  You will not be forgotten.   Thank you for all you’ve done, … Continue reading

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What do you think about THIS?     I think it’s just more wonderful fodder for the press to despise Trump and tell the whole world that he’s a censorship-loving monster who doesn’t want Americans to know the truth. We know … Continue reading

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Journalists – You tell us

Who is your favorite, or your Top Five?   Radio, Television, Print…anything. Who and WHY? Z

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Mark Levin

If anybody wants to know what I think on most given subjects, and you know what Mark Levin thinks, that’s it. I’ve been listening to him as I cook dinner lately, on the radio, and I’ve always either been saying … Continue reading

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Not Interested

I am SICK of the news……… I watch a fair amount of FOX but turn it off much more often than I ever did because it skirts around subjects that deserve more attention and they’re not as condemnatory toward the … Continue reading

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I am convinced

As most of you know, I despise the leftwing media probably more than most people.  And I comment on it more than most bloggers.  I have long before many even noticed how dangerous it is.   I think most of you … Continue reading

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