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Martha MacCallum, FOX, and TRUMP

Martha MacCallum is doing a new show called “Trump’s First 100 Days” (or something like that)….no problem.  What does bother me is that she was interviewed on Sunday saying “we’re going to hold his feet to the fire!”  (wait, like … Continue reading

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Obama’s Legacy

Can you honestly think of ONE GOOD THING OBAMA’S DONE?   Let’s try not to be partisan and give him some credit.  (I will now duck your rotten tomatoes and let you take over 🙂 !! A couple of other things … Continue reading

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Megyn Kelly…as John McLaughlin used to say “bu byyyy”

Megyn Kelly’s leaving FOX for NBC.   I would have been SO disappointed a year ago.  But not today. “Her net worth is $ 15 million; she draws a reportedly impressive base salary of $270,000, taking her annual package to … Continue reading

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Republican blabber mouths

I’ve been noticing, more and more, that when Republican senators, etc., don’t like something Trump or another Republican is doing or saying, they run over to CNN to whine and get support. McCain did it HERE and this is what reminded … Continue reading

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Kevin Dowd, yes, Liberal Maureen’s brother, wrote this…

And Maureen found the guts to publish it in her NY Times article of Nov 26….I think you’ll like it.  I’m amazed she published it….and believe she didn’t really hate all it said!  Apparently, her whole family is (drum roll) … Continue reading

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READ THIS THROUGH…and tell us what you think: Trump doesn’t get daily briefings because he says he’s “Smart” but they say Pence does get them.  Personally, I think that’s enough. I don’t think he’s that smart, but let Pence find … Continue reading

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The LEFT: Oh, what a tangled web they weave….

MY GOODNESS!   Think about it; NBC…..home of THE APPRENTICE,  which has said it wouldn’t mind Donald Trump staying as Executive Producer. NBC….which threatened Mika Brzezinski’s job because she said that the Hillary campaign better not be too sure of … Continue reading

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Media ‘Snowflakes and Cupcakes’?*

AHHHH, the big fancy Media types weren’t too happy with their meeting with Donald Trump, were they!  This meeting, whose participants agreed not to discuss afterwards, was “a firing squad!”,  “a horrible meeting!”  “a total disaster!” Trump told an audience with lots … Continue reading

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This personifies my blog’s work: FOR TRUTH IN MEDIA

THOUGHTS? Thanks, Ray, my good buddy. XX

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Trump: Media warfare

Did you know that SURFING THE WEB will be even MORE ANNOYING under TRUMP!  YES IT WILL! 🙂   Take it from THE MEDIA!   And the accompanying picture on YAHOO’s homepage for this article couldn’t be shared here but … Continue reading

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