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Scaramucci .. ..Scaramucci! “Gonna do the fandango!”

 When Trump picked Paul Manafort most of you will remember I WAS HORRIFIED.  And I was right.  To me, he was the worst of the New Yorker generalizations, scummy, slick, sticky reputation….awful.   And he was out pretty quickly.  I … Continue reading

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Trump, Sessions….contemptible?

Sessions has been on Trump’s side since early days of the campaign.  Total loyalty.  In June of this year, Sessions offered to resign because he knew Trump didn’t like him recusing himself.    Instead, Trump waited a month and insulted … Continue reading

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Aldrin more SPACEY than Trump!

Such a perfect example of media mischaracterizations.   When I first heard about Buzz Aldrin’s reactions to Trump’s words about SPACE, a few days ago,  I thought “Oh, no, what did Trump say NOW?”  When I saw a Republican friend … Continue reading

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CNN Producers behind the scenes…

SO…a CNN producer admits the president is right…”This Russia s*** is all Bulls***…” and more… Wouldn’t it be wonderful if news outlets showed THIS on television? Z   (below this post, I have another new post on Germany’s recent history … Continue reading

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Griffin is a VICTIM!?

KATHY GRIFFIN has completely  blown my mind.  SHE is the one who did the picture. SHE is the one who brought this upon herself.  Yet…  She’s so upset that the Trumps are ‘breaking her’….it’s another “WHITE MAN” attack on her? … Continue reading

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Hopkins is gone….who’s next?

OH, they found SOMETHING …. she’s quitting!    The Muslims win again! Katie Hopkins, the Gert Wilders of England, tweeted “… Do not be a part of the problem. We need a final solution #Machester [sic].”” OH MY GOSH!!!!  HELL … Continue reading

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Trump, Saudi Arabia and Israel…….oy

There’s so much wrong with THIS ARTICLE I don’t know where to start. Roger Stone, Trump’s friend and advisor wants to “puke” at the award the Saudis gave Trump.   Fine.  That’s his choice.  But… “Stone, like many other conservative … Continue reading

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NAVY VETERAN…………….so??

The one thing most news venues include before a name or other details of a perpetrator of a crime are given is military duty.   Here is a piece on the Times Square situation…..and the part that’s right up at … Continue reading

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Bias….it’s okay if Obama did it, RIGHT?

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It might be that the Comey memos do Mr. Trump in, finally.  Did he ask Comey the things Comey says he asked?  Why didn’t Comey come forward back when these things happened?  Comey keeps copious notes….can he make them up … Continue reading

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