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Not Interested

I am SICK of the news……… I watch a fair amount of FOX but turn it off much more often than I ever did because it skirts around subjects that deserve more attention and they’re not as condemnatory toward the … Continue reading

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I am convinced

As most of you know, I despise the leftwing media probably more than most people.  And I comment on it more than most bloggers.  I have long before many even noticed how dangerous it is.   I think most of you … Continue reading

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Something’s Happening Here……

I believe there’s a concerted effort driven by the DNC, and probably George Soros and others, to GET TRUMP.   SOON.  Yes, we all know that…I know…. but it’s worse and rather wild now: Politicians not clapping once at a SOTU, … Continue reading

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So what is the story??

I’m hoping that some of you read THIS ARTICLE….. Please notice that even at FOX the onus seems to be on WashPo journalist Janell Ross and not ON THE ACTUAL SITUATION!! This paragraph is pretty funny: “We’ve only now learned … Continue reading

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STOP even the subtle indoctrination and negativity.

WHY WOULD THIS ARTICLE GET REPORTED BY NEWSWEEK AND PICKED UP BY YAHOO HEADLINES? Ya, we know…they’re liberal rags which published this.  Does anybody but me think this isn’t good for our psyches?  This is a small story (albeit a … Continue reading

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Trump “freaks out?”

THIS IS A PERFECT EXAMPLE of media abuse to the American public. “TRUMP FREAKS OUT AFTER FBI CONFIRMS COMEY WROTE CLINTON EXONERATION LETTER!”   is the headline. Wait a MINUTE, says Z!  He “FREAKS OUT”?  But….the headline doesn’t include THE TRUTH…the … Continue reading

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Hilarious and Disgusting….all at one time!

I look at a lot of news and just have to laugh….or cry. Headline after headline shows nothing but anti-Trump articles;  honestly, it’s like watching Shepard Smith all day and all night long.   You just have to laugh.  If you … Continue reading

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Maybe THE most remarkable, stupid leftwing headline even I have seen:

BEYOND A DOUBT, THIS IS THE MOST STUPID, RIDICULOUS, CONTRIVED B.S. (and I don’t use that language here often, as you know), I HAVE SEEN, EVEN I, WHO KEEPS CLOSE TRACK OF THE MEDIA,  think this is astonishing…. Gingrich SAID … Continue reading

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Yes, yes, I know….some of you don’t think the Left’s winning.  I congratulate you and would love the name of your Rose Colored Glasses store 🙂   (Do I see glimmers of hope, yes I do, but at this point?  they’re … Continue reading

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EVERY woman’s gone through this……

    I’d be very surprised if every woman reading this, and every woman you know, hasn’t had a man in even a business situation, someone she’s met and sees again, approach her and kiss her on the cheek ….. … Continue reading

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