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NAVY VETERAN…………….so??

The one thing most news venues include before a name or other details of a perpetrator of a crime are given is military duty.   Here is a piece on the Times Square situation…..and the part that’s right up at … Continue reading

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Mike Flynn and Trump

It looks like General Mike Flynn definitely did wrong.  (By the way, if THIS is all they’ve got on Flynn, I think he was WRONG but it doesn’t seem devastating to me.  There has to be something more other than … Continue reading

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General Petraeus and “her”..

I found THIS ODD….The woman, Broadwell, with whom General Petraeus had an affair, is very suddenly coming forward “to get her life back.” Why NOW?  “It’s a bit of a shocker to know he’s being considered for a cabinet position … Continue reading

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General James Mattis…Mad Dog ROCKS

I LIKE GENERAL “MAD DOG” MATTIS SO MUCH!  HERE is an article including some of his quotes…..You’ll love the public comments under the article…they love him! “It’s all the more important today that we hold to our precious legacy of … Continue reading

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Clinton Speech Today; LIES LIES LIES

Please, PLEASE watch the video on immigration on the POST BELOW THIS… I wrote this new post because I HAD to comment on Hillary’s speech to Veterans today ( I listened JUST FOR YOU (smile) so I hope you read … Continue reading

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Our Marines are facing a LOT…..thoughts? From the linked article: “Two years ago I (author Todd Starnes) uncovered a 600-page manual used by the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute. The manual teaches that “healthy, white, heterosexual, Christian” men hold an … Continue reading

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Bumper-Stickers Seen On Military Bases• 101st  (Emailed to me from our pal, Mal!)  These are GOOD: -Airborne Division- “When it comes to Combat, care enough to send the very best” -“When in doubt, empty the magazine”. – Sniper– “You can run, but you’ll just die … Continue reading

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Americans Freed

SO Rezaian and Abedini are going to be freed…there’s word their planes could have already taken off, in the last thirty minutes.  Them, AND our Marine and an American Iranian businessman.    No Robert Levinson, apparently. I’d normally be SO … Continue reading

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Very sad commentary…

I’ve seen a lot of leftwing comments in my life…so have you, I’m sure. This one bothered me more than usual for obvious reasons.   It was addressed to our buddy SilverFiddle at another blog…. “Silver… just finished reading an … Continue reading

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Bumper-Stickers Seen On Military Bases :  ALL are good, make sure you read them all….they’re also pretty appropriate for our world today: 101st Airborne Division- “When it comes to Combat, care enough to send the very best”, “When in doubt, … Continue reading

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