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Check these out……….

The words in italics below might be the most disgusting things I’ve read in a very long time…..they come from THIS ARTICLE regarding Indiana abortion laws overturned….part of the law had to do with fetuses so this was said: As … Continue reading

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Bikinis and Islam

This is a fascinating subject to me because I’d not really sure where I stand on it. The Muslim mayor of London (did I really just type that?) has said THIS.   NO MORE BIKINI CLAD MODELS IN PUBLIC, PLEASE!  And … Continue reading

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Government bullying…Ya THINK? :-)

Government scientists bullied for exposing GMO secrets NOVEMBER 27, 2015   By Jenny Thompson, Director, Health Sciences Institute Is our government treating its own scientists like terrorists? For years researchers at federal agencies like the FDA and USDA have warned that they’re being … Continue reading

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Two LIES…………

“Our culture has accepted two lies.  The first is that if you disagree with someone’s lifestyle, you must fear or hate them.  The second is that to love someone means you agree with everything they believe or do.   You … Continue reading

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Ready for a “good time?”

Are our college kids really THIS UNTHINKING? I can’t quite get over this, particularly after all the bad press fraternity boys get.  “Hope your baby girl is ready for a good time”????? My friend’s daughter is now going to Ohio … Continue reading

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Tebow and Jenner….interesting

I saw this and couldn’t resist posting it.  Who could argue with it?  Equality means equal treatment for all,  not only for some.   See what happens when that ‘tolerance’ the Left insists on never includes tolerating what they don’t … Continue reading

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Gay Marriage…not a term anymore?

Gays and Straights are now allowed to marry in the United States.  The days of one man and one woman forming a union in the eyes of God and that standing for ‘marriage’ are gone.  So, we won’t be using the … Continue reading

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Dilemma or Not?

Would you release THIS GUY who killed the American medic pictured below 13 years ago? The killer was 15 when he threw a grenade at our American who died. So, what do we say “Sorry, US Army Delta Force Medic, Christopher Speer. … Continue reading

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Blacks and attitudes…….

I had to publish this picture because it touched me SO MUCH.  I want you to note that the Black young man reaching to the White cop in Baltimore is dressed in a clean cut shirt, short hair, etc.  I … Continue reading

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“Dignity, Honor, Righteousness…..”

0 Please watch this and then send it to young people you know. THANK YOU to those of you who served in the Armed Services.   Thank you for SO SO MUCH. VERY IMPORTANT is the blog at Mustang’s this morning, … Continue reading

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