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“Baby it’s Cold Outside”…..”Kill the COPS”…hey, wait a minute…..

Since they decided to pull “Baby it’s Cold Outside” from the “holiday”  playlist because someone was offended, I feel that these other holiday songs are also on the chopping block.  This is funny,  🤣  but in all seriousness. 1. I Saw … Continue reading

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Sunday Faith Blog…

Some of the lyrics are how I often feel these days, as a seeming “Stranger in a Strange Land”.. Stop the money chase Lay back, relax Get back on the human track Stop racing toward oblivion Oh, such a sad, … Continue reading

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Aretha’s Service……WHAAAAAAAAAAT??

So, I watched, from time to time, the something like EIGHT HOUR funeral service for the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin…….. There was Louis Farrakhan on the stage…..the great anti-semite, anti homosexual, hater was THERE, and he made himself front … Continue reading

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Oh, Susanna! Are you KIDDING?

AMERICA IS LOST.   We have become senseless, stupid and accepting of idiocy. “It’s the single most offensive display of public art in Pittsburgh, hands down,” Paradise Gray, a hip-hop activist, musician and writer, told the Post-Gazette in August . “It … Continue reading

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Just for me………

No reason for posting this…just hate what’s happening in America, the hate and division are getting to me…plus the fires here in Los Angeles…. and I needed a break…….and I love this.   And should this YouTube morph into another video … Continue reading

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Sunday Faith Blog

 This is gorgeous…….. “Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the earth; break forth into joyous song and sing praises!”  Psalm 98:4 Happy Sunday!  Z

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Sunday Faith Blog

DEDICATED TO THE VICTIMS OF HURRICANE HARVEY………KEEP PRAYING, EVERYBODY!  (This is gorgeous and just keeps getting more gorgeous) Please take note of the utter wholesomeness of the singers, in haircuts, clothing, faces….these are great singers, good people who worked hard … Continue reading

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Leon Russell…a Tribute

LEON RUSSELL died yesterday.   Most of you won’t like him at all;  his voice wasn’t pretty, his sound was what you might call ‘hick’.  There are few musicians I admired more than Leon.  All my life.  I play piano … Continue reading

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Sunday Faith Blog

This is one of my very favorite Praise Songs…Do you have a favorite Hymn or Praise Song? Tell us, and link if possible!  And WHY you like that particular song, please.  We’ve done this before but I think it’s uplifting … Continue reading

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Hippies, Pigs and Burning Flags…then and NOW

In the 2000’s, I think it’s interesting that we’ve got Black Lives Matter, we’ve got new American flag burning jerks, we’ve got an anti-law enforcement mentality again, we had an aging hippie socialist running for president…..etc etc.  And we have Trump. … Continue reading

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