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Trump needs to say this MORE….

……..and you won’t hear me say that too often. Mr. Trump is saying that the meeting between him and Kim Jong Un maybe become “a very special moment for world peace.” This is exactly the tone Mr. Trump should set … Continue reading

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Kim Jung Un (NOT ‘oon,’ by the way)……..

We have all heard by now that Kim Jung Un and Trump should be meeting some time in May.   The news was met with optimistic skepticism, of course.  How does one trust a person like this guy? The buzz was … Continue reading

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The Left is just downright SCARED?

If I’m not mistaken, it was mostly Lefties who fought not to fight in Viet Nam.  I’d venture a guess more Dems ran to Canada than Reps.  WHY? Does anybody think there are more Dems in the US Military than … Continue reading

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To nuke or not to nuke….Iran, N Korea, and Sanctions….who cares?

The Iranians are expanding their missile program to $260 million….as their ‘parliament’ yells “Death to America!!” I thought Obama assured us that any rise in nuclear power in Iran was only to make sure the lights stayed on in Tehran? (Smile…who … Continue reading

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Trump….MADE IN THE USA? USS Vinson….Oops?

First, please continue to PRAY FOR IMP.  He’s in some real pain and could use BIG time relief…Please pray each time you think of it throughout your day!  I know he appreciates it so much.   Now to the blog: … Continue reading

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WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING TO HAPPEN?  Care to weigh in about what the chubby little jerk with the odd haircut might do? Is TRUMP the guy we want in charge NOW?  “North Korea’s GOT TO BEHAVE?”…..and has Trump … Continue reading

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