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Prager says it ALL with just a few words…

‘BUDDHISM WILL NEVER CURE CANCER’ I heard this after I’d listened to a few minutes of Obama’s “peace, love, dove” speech..”if everybody just cared enough, if everyone put the other first, if we all just got along, if money wasn’t … Continue reading

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LeBron v Trump…….take your corners and come out fighting! But come out together…

THIS ARTICLE is a good one…LeBron James and how President Trump uses race.  “James did not hesitate to call out President Donald Trump for his penchant of using race as a wedge issue in his politicking.” Can anybody remember a … Continue reading

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CIVIL WAR: Jack Minzey… Thank you for this article, and RIP, dear man….

More than a month ago now, Jack Minzey sent what was to be the final chapter in the long line of books and treatises that he has written over the years. Jack died on Sunday, 8 April 2018. Professionally, Jack … Continue reading

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A Million OBAMAS…Barack or Michelle…we need them!! (as if)

I always knew Obama was evil and anti American and maybe the biggest megalomaniac ever, but THIS REALLY PUSHED IT OVER THE TOP. Let’s not forget the Greek Columns  Oh, I AM SO WONDERFUL!! 85,000 people screaming in delight at … Continue reading

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Disgusting and Telling….

THIS might be the most ridiculous story to date since Trump came on the political scene.  It is clearly the most disgusting, in my opinion, and I say this because it involves Obama, it involves a huge lie, and it’s … Continue reading

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Obama and Al Qaeda…………wow

TAKE A LOOK AT THIS!    Headline: “Report: Obama deliberately misled America on Al Qaeda in 2012 to help his chances of re-election” So, what now? Special Counsel?  Ignore it?  What? I suppose most presidents deliberately mislead to get reelected … Continue reading

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Michelle Obama..”Too Many White Men…”

This Black Show Host ROCKS…….you’ll be as pleased by his comments as you’ll be repulsed by Obama’s wife. She is so intensely bitter but did nothing toward promoting good educations, not getting pregnant out of wedlock, stopping drugs…etc etc…  she … Continue reading

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Hilarious and Disgusting….all at one time!

I look at a lot of news and just have to laugh….or cry. Headline after headline shows nothing but anti-Trump articles;  honestly, it’s like watching Shepard Smith all day and all night long.   You just have to laugh.  If you … Continue reading

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Obama slams Trump to the world….

I don’t know about you, but for an ex president to go to another country and tell the world we have a ‘lack of leadership’ in Trump, and then to warn the world about ‘nationalism’ in our country seems pretty … Continue reading

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Hopkins is gone….who’s next?

OH, they found SOMETHING …. she’s quitting!    The Muslims win again! Katie Hopkins, the Gert Wilders of England, tweeted “… Do not be a part of the problem. We need a final solution #Machester [sic].”” OH MY GOSH!!!!  HELL … Continue reading

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