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Obama and Buffett… What do YOU think?

SO…..Obama had lunch with Warren Buffett in Omaha. They say the Obama Presidential Library funding was not discussed, but nobody is saying what was discussed. What do YOU THINK IT WAS? Obama flew to Nebraska for lunch with ol’ Warren … Continue reading

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Obama and Wiretapping and a very interesting tidbit…

Everybody’s screeching about the FISA Court and the FBI and Obama and Trump, etc etc. My question is this:  Could Obama, or the DNC along with him, have privately had special highly-paid people wiretap Trump’s offices themselves, no FBI, no … Continue reading

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Trump and Russia and Obama

Unless Trump has absolute proof, demonstratable proof, paper and videos that can’t be called false or edited, he should NEVER EVER HAVE DONE THIS.  Obama, of course, completely denying the whole thing, some Republicans saying “He must have proof of … Continue reading

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OH, THIS is just too rich!   As of yesterday when this news hit, the leftwing papers hadn’t reported it.  It’s EXACTLY the kind of thing most of us keep wishing would happen;  a Leftwinger caught demonstratably in their lie. Also, that creep … Continue reading

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Obama and Biden….ad nauseum

SO!  The Obamas are going to make about 30 MILLION dollars for their 2 books…earlier yesterday, I’d heard SIXTY million, but I think that was incorrect.  I hope so.  I suppose he’ll blather about what an amazing president he was … Continue reading

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Hillary, Obama…..”PROTEST! RESIST! PERSIST!”

Both Obama and Hillary have now advised “resistance and persistence” to their Democrat constituents.   Now that might not read “GET THAT JERK TRUMP” to you, but it does me.  What kind of an ex-president and ex-Sec of State, Senator, First … Continue reading

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Trump, NSC and Netanyahu……..check this out;

White House dismisses NSC aide after harsh criticism of Trump…..(that’s the headline) I thought “Oh, no, another scandal!  Someone fired for criticizing Trump!” (which isn’t the best optic, no matter how WE feel about it, right?) SO, I Googled Craig … Continue reading

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Resistance? Shadow? Which type of Government is this jerk planning?

IS THIS NUTS?   “Shadow Government?”  that’s a misnomer;  I’d call it a “Resistance Government.” PLEASE tell me what you think………   Z

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Congressional Reports….WHAT A BOON FOR US! Will Republicans have the guts?

 A GOP Regulatory Game Changer  (Z: WAIT till you read this! The red gives highlights enough to understand it!…compliments of ME!) Legal experts say that Congress can overrule Obama regulations going back to 2009. By Kimberley A. Strassel  Todd Gaziano on … Continue reading

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Obama’s last minute kick at Israel….and US Citizens

A BIG SECRET?   Did you see THIS?  Obama released $200 million to the Palestinian Authority on Inauguration morning?   Going against the final approval of all of those in Congress?  INTERESTING is that I’d heard this news on Mark … Continue reading

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