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na·tion·al·ist /ˈnaSH(ə)nələst/ noun 1.a person who strongly identifies with their own nation and vigorously supports its interests, especially to the exclusion or detriment of the interests of other nations:“he was a staunch nationalist during his 22 years in power” Are YOU a … Continue reading

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September 11 is here again…..

Last week, you might remember I asked for happy childhood memories.  We got some fabulous ones and I thank you all!  It was great to read them. Fellow blogger and good buddy Kid added something that was truly profound and … Continue reading

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Nike…….and REAL sacrifice….from one who knows too well…

The wife of the legendary military sniper, Chris Kyle, reacted today to Nike’s poor decision to use second-rate social justice warrior former quarterback Colin Kaepernick as the face for their most iconic and widely used ad slogan, “Just Do It.”  … Continue reading

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Beauty through Loss….this will touch your hearts……

Military Town, Ft. Walton Beach, FL Eglin Joint Base Command located near Ft. Walton, Florida, is presently the largest Military Complex in the world and encompasses a large contingent of Air Force units, Naval Warfare units, and the 7th Army … Continue reading

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Can’t SING the ANTHEM?

CHECK THIS OUT…it’ll make your blood boil! There was a dead soldier on board a Delta airplane….and a passenger asked other passengers to join her in the national anthem in his honor….and they did, until a flight attendant knelt down … Continue reading

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Proud of AMERICA?

Do Americans need to learn to love America again in order to stand up for her and succeed again?  GERMANY is talking about this…..FINALLY.  I think that’s a VERY good thing. Germany had been an amazingly innovative, clever, powerful country … Continue reading

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Memorial Day from an Armenian’s point of view; (and some good news)

My mother subscribes me every year to an Armenian community newspaper here in the LA area, The Armenian Observer.  I found this article by an eighty year old Armenian woman, Mary Najarian.  I typed most of it here so we … Continue reading

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Nationalism….”Skinhead?” (naaaaaaaa)

Definition of nationalism  (from a couple of sources) (From Merriam-Webster) 1:  loyalty and devotion to a nation; especially :  a sense of national consciousness  exalting one nation above all others and placing primary emphasis on promotion of its culture and interests … Continue reading

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You’ve just GOT to see this video…

Perfect for the day after the change in government in D.C., I thought this video was a must-see….there’s a new guy in town who loves and respects this country and it might just rub off on people.   I think the … Continue reading

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Lefties fans of the RIGHT?! and “sniveling brats”…

It can’t be only noticed by me that every time the Left wants to make a point lately they resort to “Bush thought like this, too”  or “Reagan, too, felt this way”  or “Democrats AND Republicans agree that…” They bring … Continue reading

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