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YOU CAN PICK ANYBODY FOR PRESIDENT.  ANYBODY.  WHO WOULD IT BE?  And WHY? Let’s seriously pick people who you believe in enough to be our Commander in Chief…they don’t have to be politicians but they can be.  They can be … Continue reading

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The FAMOUS knew…..

GOT A FAVORITE FROM THIS LIST? In my many years I have come to a conclusion that one useless man is a shame, and two or more is a government.   John  Adams If you don’t read the newspaper you … Continue reading

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Drugs? Alcohol? MEAT?? (And the idiot Senator Kaine)

My friend Jean sent me a bunch of these types of ‘jokes’ and I had to share my favorites with you.  I think these two are particularly funny, don’t you!? BY THE WAY…On a serious note (I just saw him … Continue reading

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Obama’s People….as unprepared as he was

THIS is an article our friend/reader Imp brought to my attention yesterday. Please take a look….make sure you see what backgrounds these Obama people had before put in the highly important, even classified, positions they were able to somehow obtain. … Continue reading

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Liars at the White House….keep getting deeper and deeper into the lies…

Stinking LIARS, something you don’t often hear me say, but READ THIS ARTICLE! Here’s an important part that is discussed in the fascinating Jamie Rosen report with Martha McCallum, a video in the article I link here. “But W. Neil Eggleston, … Continue reading

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This would be funny….

…..yes, it would be funny…..were it not true.   The Democrats still don’t understand the adage about fish….and still rely on promises our country can very ill afford…and the public still eats it up! Do you think there is ANYTHING Republicans … Continue reading

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Europe: The truth about immigration

Europe and what their media’s telling them: This, from my French neighbor in my Paris apartment building, Claude…. “About your election, I look at that competition like as an entertainment, as I see it, except Hillary Clinton, the other two … Continue reading

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Trusting Government

It occurs to me that some of the worst damage Obama’s caused our whole country is our mistrust of him and his actions.  We’ve had awful things happen during this administration, including something rather important:  an Attorney General who totally … Continue reading

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Mal’s America; You’ll want to cry……….

This post is by our buddy/commenter Mal.  Because Mal’s not quite as young as most of us, I asked him to compare/contrast our country’s politics and religion to how things were back in the day.   I was eager to … Continue reading

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Trump; unkind and thin skinned

Can we honor a man like this with the presidency?   WOW. What kind of ‘man’ mocks an obviously damaged human being? And how does this Trump “despite having one of the all-time great memories,” (his words , not mine…everything he … Continue reading

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