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LeBron v Trump…….take your corners and come out fighting! But come out together…

THIS ARTICLE is a good one…LeBron James and how President Trump uses race.  “James did not hesitate to call out President Donald Trump for his penchant of using race as a wedge issue in his politicking.” Can anybody remember a … Continue reading

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Homage to PAMELA from my Voting Precinct

I voted here in California yesterday.  What had already got me and Republican friends pretty steamed was the way the Conservative candidates were always listed on the ballot way down at the bottom of each category.   Every one of them. … Continue reading

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Oh, Susanna! Are you KIDDING?

AMERICA IS LOST.   We have become senseless, stupid and accepting of idiocy. “It’s the single most offensive display of public art in Pittsburgh, hands down,” Paradise Gray, a hip-hop activist, musician and writer, told the Post-Gazette in August . “It … Continue reading

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Candace Owens…a response

I found this comment yesterday in my Comments Page (of people I can’t release to post here, sadly), written in response to my POST.  It’s about Candace Owens and it’s from someone some of you will remember as UPTOWN STEVE, from … Continue reading

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Starbucks Succombs

Here’s what I’d say if two men were not ordering anything and had been reminded that that Starbucks wasn’t a bus station in which to just sit and talk, it’s a business: “Starbucks is sorry that two men were asked … Continue reading

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Black Young People and What’s the Matter….

Denzel Washington stressed the importance of having a positive father figure in the home while speaking recently about the mass incarceration of black males. The Oscar-winning actor told a reporter for The Grio during a special advanced screening in New York of … Continue reading

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Michelle Obama..”Too Many White Men…”

This Black Show Host ROCKS…….you’ll be as pleased by his comments as you’ll be repulsed by Obama’s wife. She is so intensely bitter but did nothing toward promoting good educations, not getting pregnant out of wedlock, stopping drugs…etc etc…  she … Continue reading

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I say this not to be unkind but to make sure you know I am not publishing this video because I am a John MacArthur fan.  I am not.  I’ve met with him in a very small group and have … Continue reading

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Sunday Faith Blog

I saw this horrible article and it reminded me about what’s really important in life and how God would want us to act.   Does God want a white girl not to go to a prom with a black friend? … Continue reading

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“What happened to you white people?”

A friend sent me this article and I found it fascinating…it’s written by black writer, Mason Weaver, and was published on WND.  I make it a rule not to use WND for information but this article’s Weaver’s, not WND’s, so … Continue reading

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