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I say this not to be unkind but to make sure you know I am not publishing this video because I am a John MacArthur fan.  I am not.  I’ve met with him in a very small group and have … Continue reading

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Sunday Faith Blog

I saw this horrible article and it reminded me about what’s really important in life and how God would want us to act.   Does God want a white girl not to go to a prom with a black friend? … Continue reading

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“What happened to you white people?”

A friend sent me this article and I found it fascinating…it’s written by black writer, Mason Weaver, and was published on WND.  I make it a rule not to use WND for information but this article’s Weaver’s, not WND’s, so … Continue reading

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Kaepernick’s stance

Ya, this probably takes a little guts to post, but I sometimes find guts in me I wasn’t sure were there, and it often has to do with the subject of race because I am passionate about it. I look … Continue reading

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Georgetown: REPARATIONS?

“Georgetown University will give preference in admissions to the descendants of slaves owned by the Maryland Jesuits as part of its effort to atone for profiting from the sale of enslaved people, the president of the prominent Jesuit university in … Continue reading

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Two Things this Afternoon….

(For my TRUMP SPEECH, please see the post below this one…thanks) I have two things on my mind this afternoon I wanted to share, particularly because Gene Wilder has passed away.  I was at Cedars Sinai on a job when … Continue reading

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Simone Manuel; GOLD MEDALIST (and a question down below!)

THIS GIRL really impressed me…..not only for her amazing talent and drive but for what she said after winning. When asked about the “first Black swimmer to win the Gold”, etc., she replied that “It is something I’ve definitely struggled … Continue reading

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“America needs your vote” By Donald Trump (with a little help from Z)

Dear Americans, Your country needs your vote for me and the fantastic Mike Pence.  Your country needs two people at the helm who care about her, care about her constitution, and care about you and your family. Your country deserves … Continue reading

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Please, God…let this continue…..

Z: I found this on my cousin’s Facebook page and had to post it………this is what a lot of people are feeling.  Usually, we don’t hear about them, but we have been lately, since the Dallas killings.    Celebrate good … Continue reading

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Black Unrest

I had another post ready for today but last night’s goings-on, particularly in Dallas, really bugged me… And Obama had to open his big mouth again as if that doesn’t inflame people to act.  Of course, he was mute on … Continue reading

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